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The Passion of The Christ

Rev. Rodney Kleyn


The Easter buzz this year will be "The Passion of The Christ." But, not the actual suffering of the real Christ. Instead, a movie. You’ve heard about it, I’m sure.

Should we go see this movie? Below are some reasons why we should not. All of them are serious, and every thoughtful and sincere believer will consider them.

Its Blasphemy – The main character in the movie is Jesus Christ. This is blasphemy. Sit back and think about it. Not only is this a physical portrayal (image) of the Saviour which limits his Divinity, but a sinful (and likely unregenerate) man takes on the role of Christ. Would you dare to role play Jesus Christ? Should any? The actor in this movie refers to Jesus as "this guy," and at one point, while the movie is being recorded, admits to using the "F-word" when he is accidentally struck on the back by a "Roman soldier." Blasphemy!!

Its Origin – The origin of this film is 1) Hollywood and 2) the teaching of the Roman Catholic Church (not just Scripture–as so many claim). From Hollywood—that cesspool of iniquity—we should stay away. The Roman Catholic Church should also scare us—that God-denying and Christ-denying false church.

Its Theology – Mel Gibson, the director, is a devout Roman Catholic. This film, in his words, "reflects my beliefs." One example. When the actor of Christ says from the cross, "It is finished," Mary responds, "Amen!" This is Roman Catholic theology at its core. Jesus’ words, "It is finished," which speak of the sufficiency of his atonement, mean nothing without the stamp of Mary and the works of the saints.

Its Medium – This film is intended to be used as an evangelical tool. But, Christ saves by the "foolishness of preaching" and by that confounds the "wisdom of this world" (I Cor. 1-2). Drama is "the wisdom of this (modern day) world." The live preaching of the gospel is the biblical way to evangelise. Besides, where will the converts go? Into the (false) Roman Catholic Church?

Its Script – Always reformed believers have been opposed to extra-biblical elements in our teaching and understanding. The script of the movie draws on, not only the thinking of Rome, but also extra-biblical apocryphal writings. It is terribly inconsistent for Reformed believers, who would strongly oppose a version of the Bible that puts words in Christ’s mouth, to view or endorse viewing a movie like this.

Viewing this movie for pleasure makes us those who "take pleasure in" the sins of the world; and these sins are of the worst sort – overt acts of blasphemy against our Lord.

A Christian’s viewing of this movie is not an "innocent" act. It has the potential of destroying forever a proper biblical understanding of the passion of Christ. It puts in one’s mind the suffering, not of Christ, but of a Hollywood actor playing Christ, and playing up his physical suffering to an extreme (R-rated for violence).

This movie will serve a purpose. That purpose will not be the conversion of masses to Christianity, but will be the bringing together under one roof many so-called "Christians" so that they can with the woman ride the beast. It is a powerful ecumenical tool in Satan’s hand.

We ought to stay far away!