Covenant Protestant Reformed Church
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Covenant Protestant Reformed Church

83 Clarence Street, Ballymena BT43 5DR
Rev. Angus Stewart
Lord’s Day, 12 April, 2015

“And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed
by the renewing of your mind ...” (Rom. 12:2)

Morning Service - 11:00 AM

Listen and Wake Up! (2)
God’s Righteousness and Salvation   [download]  [youtube]

Scripture Reading: Isaiah 51:1-16
Text: Isaiah 51:4-6

I. What?
II. How?
III. When?
Psalms: 98:1-9; 103:1-7; 67:1-7; 102:19-28 (AOS)

Evening Service - 6:00 PM

The God of the Valleys  [download]  [youtube]
Scripture Reading: Psalm 104
Text: Heidelberg Catechism, Lord’s Day 9

I. In the Creation
II. In Our Lives
Psalms: 84:4-11; 103:8-15; 104:6-12; 23:1-6

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Quote to Consider

John E. Hartley: “Because of Israel’s constant disobedience, the prophets looked for a time when once again the law, directly from God, would go forth from Jerusalem (Isa. 2:3). Then God himself will both teach and judge according to the law. Such is a part of the suffering servant’s task, namely to render judgment according to truth and to give forth a new teaching or law (Isa. 42:3f.). It will surpass the Mosaic law because of its source through a new prophet-leader. It will not disagree with the old but build on it. Also its scope will be universal. Jeremiah sees the establishing of a new covenant in which the law will be written on the heart (Jer. 31:33). Man will be able to obey God from his inner life outwards. Then the true purpose of the law, namely, to lead man into a fruitful, abundant life of fellowship with God, will be fully realized” (Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament, vol. 1, p. 405).

Thomas Manton: “O Christian! remember when you trust God you trust an Almighty Creator, who is able to help, let your case be never so desperate. God could create when He had nothing to work upon … God could create when He had nothing to work with … What is become of the tools wherewith He made the world? Where is the trowel wherewith He arched the heaven? and the spade wherewith He digged the sea? What had God to work upon or work withal when He made the world? He made it out of nothing. Now you commit your souls to the same faithful Creator.” 

Announcements (subject to God’s will)

On the back table are copies of a new edition of “Arminianism: The Road to Rome” by Augustus Toplady.

John McAuley remains in Antrim Hospital. Tests showed that the stents he previously had inserted are becoming blocked and the doctors have not decided what should be done. John appreciates visitors (Ward B3), as well as your prayers.

The Council meets tomorrow evening at 7:30 PM.

The Tuesday Bible study will meet at 11 AM to continue our study of Hosea.

The Belgic Confession Class on Wednesday at 7:45 PM will continue Article 25 on the abolition of the ceremonial law.

Ladies’ Bible Study meets this Friday at 10:30 AM at the church.

The Reformed Witness Hour broadcast next Lord’s Day (Gospel 846MW at 8:30 AM) by Rev. R. Kleyn is entitled “Draw Near to God” (Hebrews 10:22).

S. Wales Lecture: On Thursday, 23 April, Rev. McGeown will give a lecture on “Christian Comfort” at the Round Chapel in Port Talbot.

Offerings: General Fund - £1,054.20. Building Fund - £116. Donations: £100, £10 (CR News).

Website Additions: 3 Indonesian translations.

A Shield to the Upright

Brian D. Dykstra


Proverbs 2:7b: “... he is a buckler to them that walk uprightly.”

A survey marker lies just northwest of the center of the intersection of 44th Street and Ivanrest in Grandville, Michigan. Last summer, I had to indicate the position of this marker by holding a survey pole on it. While my crew chief did some calculations and prepared to take a reading of the marker, I observed the traffic light to determine on which cycle of the light it would be safest (least dangerous?) for me to stand in the traffic. It is a part of the job I do not enjoy.

Although articulated lorries do not bother me too much because the drivers are usually careful, it is the cars seeking to pass the trucks and the speedy United Parcel Service drivers which scare me. There were enough trucks, cars and delivery vans there to put a bead or two of sweat in motion down my back.

Since we were close to the office, the crew chief decided he would call for a little help. A friend left his desk to come out to stand near me, watch traffic and wave an orange vest so I would be less apprehensive. I truly appreciated having a friend to serve as a shield in such a dangerous place.

As Christians, we and our children need a shield because we walk in a world filled with the dangers and temptations of sin. In the second part of Proverbs 2:7, God is revealed to be our buckler. A buckler was a shield used in battle. By being told that we have a buckler, the Triune God explains what our lives are like on earth. A man who is at peace has no need for a buckler, so we are not here to get along peacefully with the world. We are in a spiritual war. This world is not a pleasant place for us. Each day, we see the wicked’s hatred for God and His Word. They seek to destroy us, just as they condemned Christ.

As they attempt to do so, we, and our children especially, can become confused. The wicked’s eyes are not red with anger and hate, when we first meet. They do not call us all kinds of vile names upon being introduced. They want us to be friends with them. They want us to join them in the party. They seek to broaden our horizons and expand the realm of our experience. Our lives are in need of some excitement and entertainment which they willingly provide.

It is when we do not join them in the way of sin that they become angry. Few things can make them more upset than having our obedient lives of dedicated service to God witness to the sin in their lives. That they cannot stand. Then they will seek to rid the planet of the likes of us because we spoil the fun. It will become obvious that mankind will never be able to establish their heaven on earth, made without God or His love, of course, with those miserable Christians around. We are in great need of a buckler. It would hardly seem possible to have one big enough to meet the challenges of the world today.

This buckler is not standard issue for all men. It is given only to them that walk uprightly. There is no buckler for those who do not walk the antithetical path. Those who seek to walk as close to the world as possible so they can partake of its allurements see no need for a shield anyway. They do not think there is anything all that evil out there from which they need to be protected.

We must be certain to keep our shields in good repair. Also, we must do what we can to give our children a solid shield. When the allurements of the world become too great and we participate in some of the fun, we put a hole in the shield. When we become worldly-minded and deny ourselves as little as possible, the shield begins to resemble a slice of Swiss cheese. What good could a shield such as that be in battle? If, by our example, we demonstrate to our children that we are ready for the battlefield by marching to war with a shield filled with holes, our children will believe they will be safe with such a shield too. Will the world be a more spiritual place for our children than it has been for us?

Our children need constant reminders of the Christian’s true relationship to the world. As parents we must, and our children must learn to, say no to the evil of the world. This world is no friend of the Truth. Our children must see the need for God as a buckler. The only way they can have such protection is to walk obediently before our covenant God. Only in the way of submission to God’s law is there protection for His children. May God so guide our children by His wisdom that they might know Him as their shield in Jesus Christ.