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Covenant Protestant Reformed Fellowship


Rev. Angus Stewart

Lord’s Day, 24 April, 2005


"God is greatly to be feared in the assembly of

the saints and to be had in reverence of all

that that are about him (Psalm 89:7)


Morning Service - 11:00 AM

Fearing God in Public Worship
Psalm 89:7
I. Where?
II. Wherein?
II. Why?

Psalms: 100:1-5; 139:17-24; 76:1-9; 89:1-7

Evening Service - 6:00 PM

Abraham, Father of the Faithful (13)
Abraham Offers Up Isaac
Genesis 22:1-19
I. The Amazing Obedience
II. The Gracious Provision
III. The Divine Blessing

Psalms: 24:1-6; 140:1-6; 61:1-5; 105:6-12

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CPRF website:

Quotes to Consider:

John Calvin on public worship and the fear of God:

"The Solemn assembly is, so to speak, a heavenly theatre, graced by the presence of attending angels."

"The outward service of the sanctuary, which is the sacred bond of intercourse with God [is] a ladder by which [we may] ascend to God."

"The chief object of life is to acknowledge and worship God."

"We should consider it the great end of our existence to be found numbered amongst the worshippers of God; ... we should avail ourselves of the inestimable privilege of the stated assemblies of the Church."

"So often as the Word of God is set before us, we must ... think ... that God is present, and doth call us. From this respect of God, ariseth the majesty of God’s word, and reverence in hearing the same."

"There is no wisdom but that which is founded on the fear of God."

Announcements (subject to God’s will):

The new Standard Bearers and British Reformed Journals have arrived for those who have subscribed.

This Week’s Activities: Monday: Membership Class, 7:30 PM at the manse Wednesday: Rev. Stewart to speak at Harryville Primary School Assembly Wednesday: Bible Study on "Tongues in I Cor. 14," 8 PM at the manse Thursday: Catechism, 7 PM at the Hamills. Friday: Lecture, "The 1000 Years of Rev. 20," Omagh, 7:30 PM

The speech this past Friday in S. Wales went well and there was a profitable question time following the lecture.

The Reformed Witness Hour next Lord’s Day, 1 May (8:30-9:00 AM, on Gospel 846MW) is "Only One Way of Salvation, part 1" (Acts 4:12).

Last Week’s Offerings: £593.00. Donations: £10 (C.R. News)

Prof. & Mrs. Hanko will be with us (DV) from the afternoon of Friday, 6 May, until early morning of Monday, 23 May. Everyone is invited to a barbecue at the manse on Friday, 6 May, to welcome the Hankos.

Upcoming Lectures: Wednesday, 11 May, Limerick, What About Tradition? by Prof. Hanko Friday, 20 May, Ballymena, The Excellency of the AV by Prof. Hanko

PRC News: Rev. A. Brummel (S. Holland, IL) declined the call to Hudsonville PRC. Rev. Mahtani (Pittsburgh) plans to answer Bethel PRC’s call today. Rev. Houck (Peace, IL) also plans to answer the call from Edmonton today. Holland called Rev. Bruinsma (Kalamazoo, MI).

Encouraging Quotes:

"Thank you so much for the tapes [of the Psalm singing debate] which you so speedily sent me. I really enjoyed them. There are a lot of books that interest me in your catalogue ..." - N. Ireland

"... I am grateful that you have continued the CR News started by Rev. Ron Hanko, whose recently published book based on articles for the CR News I am now reading with great pleasure. Also, your recent article on how one should treat one’s enemies was a personal reminder to me (no, a wake-up call!) to forgive and forget some recent incidents in my life ... Again thank you for sending me your News. They are always weighty and enjoyable to read." - England

"Many many thanks for the tapes and information you have sent us ... we are really grateful and look forward to lots of listening and reading!" - S. Wales

"Thank you for your e-mail ... May I also add that you ought to turn your outstanding sermons on your Corinthians Chapter 7 series into a book. They are very edifying in these apostate times of broken marriages. As Christians we may not be able to stop the divorce rate rising, but a book on your sermons, in the right hands, could do so much good. On a personal note those sermons have greatly strengthened my resolve to remain committed to my wife (a nominal Christian) though she has deserted me." - England

"Many thanks for tape received yesterday on ‘The 1000 Years of Revelation.’ An excellent addition to our tape library. Will possibly advertise this title in this month’s notice in the paper ... plus another title, still to be decided. I am trying to use those which will attract those who are not necessarily affiliated with a church, but also of course, those who are. Hope you will have a blessed Sabbath together as you meet again ..." - New Zealand

"I’d just like to say thanks to yourself and Mary for journeying down on Wednesday to bring us the Word of God. It was great to see you both again and I trust that you had a safe trip home? Lovely also to meet Martyn and Bob. Please give our regards to Sean and Roni, and also to Ivan and Lily." - Limerick, ROI

"Could you please forward me the following tapes ... Found your tapes on Romans 9 very rewarding ... Could you also e-mail your Covenant Reformed News. Also [send] the free pamphlet on Biblical Ground for the Baptism of Infants." - England

"Thank you for the tape on ‘The Lord’s Day’ ... I’ve also enclosed a cheque for tapes over the last quarter. We are listening to the series on Abraham as a family on Sunday evenings, which are proving very beneficial. Especially as we had to hear some appalling sermons ... on these same chapters about a year ago. So this series will act as a corrective, but more than that give us a much better and understanding of this important part of the Bible." - S. Wales

"The C.R News is much appreciated." - England

"... my husband and I meet every Sunday at 10:00AM with [friends] at their home to worship God. We have a set order of worship ... we listen to one of your sermons that was downloaded from your Internet site, and we close by singing Psalter 197. We discuss the message, and then we eat lunch. At around 4:00PM ... we listen to another one of your sermons ... My husband has downloaded several of your sermons and the Psalters." - Idaho, USA

"[I finished reading] Upon This Rock—I couldn’t put it down ... superb story teller ... brought out things I’d never thought of before ... the [people who decided to produce it] did well in putting it together." - England

"Would you please add my name to your mailing list so that I might receive the Covenant Reformed News regularly. I obtained your name and address from the English Churchman." - Central African Republic

"I have been greatly blessed by your church’s tape and book ministry and will continue to make the odd contribution from time to time. I often contact Sean for the odd tape on a specific subject. May our God continue to bless your ministry; I think I have been in touch with the Ballymena fellowship since the mid 90s and exchanged many friendly e-mails with Ron Hanko for whom I have the greatest respect ..." - England

"While I was unable to travel across to Porthcawl on the 4 March, I do very much appreciate being kept informed of your visits to S. Wales and, in particular, to receiving your regular News issues. It was also helpful to receive the RFPA Update and I do continue to subscribe to the Standard Bearer. I am also a member of the Book Club ... One recent book I do enjoy reading is Ron Hanko’s Doctrine According to Godliness—Excellent!" - S. Wales

"I just wanted to thank you for including the article Is Pope John Paul II in Heaven? on your web page. I saw that mentioned in your last bulletin and went to your web site to read it. Sadly around here you are almost branded a heretic if you even dare to suggest that the Pope was not a Christian ... Just one more indication of the last days we live in. We keep you and the Fellowship in our prayers daily. - Michigan, USA

"I very much appreciated your note, and let me also add that your articles on Judas Iscariot have clarified in my mind some important points that I needed to know." - England

"We are delighted to hear of the increasing numbers receiving the News and visiting the website. We pray that the Lord would be pleased to maintain CPRF’s witness to the Truth ...We continue to find the tapes a great source of blessing and pray that the Lord would grant you grace and encouragement in your labours for His glory. - N. Ireland

" ... would you change [my e-mail address] on your PC so that I may continue to receive the bulletin? ... It would be good if the sermon series on Abraham could be transcribed and published, it has been so profitable." - England