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Covenant Protestant Reformed Church



Rev. Angus Stewart

Lord’s Day, 31 August, 2008


"Happy is he that hath the God of Jacob for his help,

whose hope is in the Lord his God" (Ps. 146:5)



Morning Service - 11:00 AM

God’s Uncursable Church (7)

The Star Out of Jacob

Numbers 24:14-25

I. The Coming of the Star

II. The Destruction of His Enemies

III. The Kingdoms of the World

Psalms: 111:1-6; 139:1-10; 60:6-12; 110:1-7


Evening Service - 6:00 PM

Keeping the Sabbath

Heidelberg Catechism, Lord’s Day 38; Isaiah 58

I. The Idea of the Sabbath

II. The Keeping of the Sabbath

III. The Means of Keeping the Sabbath

Psalms: 92:1-8; 139:11-16; 86:1-8; 137:1-9


Contact Sean Courtney ( for CDs of the sermons.


CPRC website:

Quotes to Consider:

John Calvin: "If we turn Sunday into a day for living it up, for our sport and pleasure, indeed how will God be honoured in that? Is it not mockery and a profanation of His name? ... We ought to observe Sunday as a tower to climb high and contemplate the works of God in a way neither impeded by nor occupied with anything else, so we might extend all our senses to recognize the benefits and favours with which God has enlarged us ... When Sunday is spent only in pastimes full of vanity, one has not at all celebrated Sunday and God is offended in many ways. And when people profane in this manner this holy order God instituted to lead us to himself, why are they being astonished when all the rest of their week is degraded?"

Announcements (subject to God’s will):

Back Table: The new C. R. News ("Christ Will Build His Church" and "Gluttony") and the Reformed Perspectives (the antithesis) are also available. Book club members, Redeemed With Judgment, vol. 2, has arrived. Invoices are in the books. You may pay the RFPA directly or you may pay Rev. Stewart and he will pay the RFPA for you.

Those interested in buying the 7-CD set of the BRF Conference on "The Work of the Holy Spirit" (£10), contact Sean Courtney.

Mr. Callender remains in the Royal Hospital in Belfast (Ward 6A). Please remember him and his family in your prayers.

The Council will meet this Thursday, 4 Sept., at the manse at 7:30 PM.

The Reformed Witness Hour next Lord’s Day (8:30-9:00 AM, on Gospel 846MW), is "The Wall of Separation Broken Down" (Eph. 2:11-15) by Rev. Bruinsma.

The Catechism season begins next Monday, 8 September. The schedule is Monday: 5:30PM - Jamie & Debbie Murray, 7PM - Campbells at the manse Tuesday: 6PM - Jacob Buchanan, 7PM - Mark and Lauren Hamill

Midweek Bible Study starts Wednesday, 10 September, 7:45 PM at the manse. We will be studying I Peter on living as pilgrims and strangers.

Offerings: General Fund - £826.70. Gift Aid Return: £9,055.65. Donations: £6 (books).

Upcoming Lectures:

S. Wales, Fri., 10 Oct., on "Marriage, the Mystery of Christ and the Church"

Limerick, Fri. 17 Oct., on "Marriage, the Mystery of Christ and the Church"

Ballymena, Fri. 31 Oct., 8 PM, on "The Reformation’s Teaching on the Church"

Website Additions: 1 Portuguese, 1 Italian (a lengthy chapter from Reformed Dogmatics on the covenant), and 3 Korean pieces were added this week.

PRC News: Providence PRC called Candidate Bleyenberg.

Encouraging Quotes

"I continue to appreciate being sent the Covenant Reformed News every month. Its articles are very helpful and illuminating." - Middlesex, England

"For quite some time I’ve been downloading sermons from your website and have received a lot of help." - New South Wales, Australia

"Thank you so much for [your article ‘Adoption: A Biblical and Theological Exposition of a Neglected Doctrine’]. You have expressed beautifully an area of continued neglect in a very articulate way, and I was greatly encouraged by your work." - Tennessee, USA

"I enclose a cheque to cover the cost of a CD ... remainder of the cheque can go towards the cost of postage of the CR News issued so faithfully to me and enjoyed so much." - Co. Antrim, N. Ireland

"We have had the joy of lending some of your worship tapes this past week to a man in prison, who is hungry to hear the Reformed preaching. He is also enjoying and greatly benefiting from a second reading through of Prof. Hanko’s book When You Pray, having also plans to read for the second time Rev. Hanko’s Doctrine According to Godliness. This is a great wonder of grace that he is brought to repentance for his sins ... Thanks again for passing on such meaty tracts [such as Rev. Hanko’s article on ‘Homosexuality’]. We hope to spread it around, either by e-mail or copying it. The days in which we live are surely very evil." - New Zealand

"Thank you so much for your understanding letter. I am enjoying the pamphlets ... they enlighten my mind to the truth." - South Wales

"Wish I could join you. Your preaching is a ‘breath of fresh air,’ food for the soul. Enclosed is a gift for the upkeep of the website." - Lancashire, England

"I would certainly be very interested in receiving the CPRC weekly bulletins ... The lecture you gave on Friday was really good, that is, really faithful to the Scriptures and clear and comprehensive. It has helped me a lot to pray more biblically. Sadly I have a lot of junk to ‘unlearn.’ May God keep you walking according to His Word." - Limerick, Rep. of Ireland

"Delighted with the book [Unfolding Covenant History, vol. 5]. Many thanks." - Scotland

"The CPRC’s website is an oasis of the true gospel."- Ukraine

"I would just like to thank you for the availability of your website especially listening through the audio sermons. Indeed, I am blessed because I am enlightened by the Reformed doctrines." - Philippines

"I enclose a small contribution towards the cost of the Covenant Reformed News which we have received since its inception and from which we have received much benefit. When we come across a Scripture which causes us to raise our eyebrows or to stop in our tracks, we can be sure that the subject has been dealt with somewhere amongst our bound copies!" - Highlands, Scotland

"That was an excellent letter by Martyn in today’s News Letter. Well focused and right on target! Both Martyn and yourself get a good reading on my blog." - Co. Armagh, N. Ireland

"Thank you for the wonderful books made available in your on-line bookstore and the pamphlets you kindly send to us. I send them out to people in different countries and today sent some off to a man in India who will greatly appreciate these reading materials. I also thought you did a marvellous job on Revelation TV late last year ..." - Devon, England

"Thank you for [Martyn’s] well-written refutation of Harold Camping’s work. I have not read such an in-depth and well thought out exposure ... You have truly taken the time to really understand what Harold is teaching before you wrote your rebuttal, which makes your rebuttal even more comforting." - USA

"Here is the fourth part of the ‘God-breathed Scripture’ series [in Spanish]. It has been very good to work on the Holy Spirit’s work in Scripture." - Chile

"I am praying for you all at the present time that God’s blessing would be on the BRF Conference. May He give you a time of good teaching and fellowship that will be refreshing in every sense, and to His glory ... I have of late been very much aware of what a great blessing the tapes/CDs are to me and I am thankful. May the Lord prosper your ministry and make it a blessing to many. One thing is certain, and that is that the Word will not return void." - Warwickshire, England