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Covenant Protestant Reformed Fellowship



Rev. Angus Stewart

Lord’s Day, 1 February, 2004


"Because thy lovingkindness is better

than life, my lips shall praise thee."

(Psalm 63:3)


Morning Service - 11:00 AM
Confessing the Faith Before Antichrist
Daniel 3:16-18
I. The Perilous Situation
II. The Good Confession
III. The Certain Vindication
Psalms: 116:1-6, 9; 92:12-15; 118:6-11; 119:41-48


Evening Service - 6:00 PM
Walking in the Truth
II John 4-6
I. The Meaning This Has
II. The Love This Implies
III. The Joy This Brings
Psalms: 138:1-4; 93:1-5; 15:1-5; 119:1-6

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Quotes to Consider:

Stuart Olyott on Daniel 3: "The main thing in the chapter is that three young believers are tempted to do wrong, and refuse. They are prepared to be out of step with everybody else, even if it means a terrible death. ‘Compromise’ is not a word in their vocabulary. Wrong is wrong, and they will not do it, however great is the peril. They will not tolerate sin, or even hold a dialogue with it. It is to this point that we should give our attention, for it teaches us once more how a testimony to God is kept alive in a pagan world. If we are to be true to God in a hostile environment, we ourselves must go the way of Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-nego" (Dare to Stand Alone, p. 38).

C. H. Spurgeon: "Your duty is to do the right: consequences are with God ... It is yours and mine to do the right though the heavens fall, and follow the command of Christ whatever the consequences may be ... O sirs, what have we to do with consequences? Let the heavens fall, but let the good man be obedient to his Master, and loyal to his truth. O man of God, be just and fear not! The consequences are with God, and not with thee."


This morning we witness the baptism and confession of faith of William Graham. We welcome all visitors to our service this morning.

We welcome Rev. Slopsema and Mr. Jansma into our fellowship today. Rev. Slopsema will preach for us this evening.

The January issue of the Covenant Reformed News and the Beacon Lights are available today. The complete set of limited atonement letters are also on the back table.

Sean & Maria Hanley’s new phone number is 25 642335. Remember to add this to the new CPRF address list.

One of our contacts in England is looking for a penpal for his 6-year-old daughter. If anyone is interested, please contact Rev. Stewart.

This Tuesday evening, the church visitors will meet with the Steering Committee at the manse to conduct church visitation.

Bible Study will be held on Wednesday at 8 PM at the manse. Rev. Slopsema will lead the study on the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

On Friday, the church visitors and Rev. & Mary Stewart will be travelling to Wales. Rev. Stewart will give a lecture in Porthcawl on Friday night. They will return on Saturday morning. Please remember this meeting in your prayers.

The Reformed Witness Hour next Lord’s Day, 8 February, (8:30-9:00 AM, on Gospel 846MW) is "The Faithful Witness #2, Our Motivation" (Isaiah 43:12).

Last Week’s Offerings: £632.92. Donation: £5 (CR News).

PRC News: Lacombe called Rev. Terpstra (Holland). Faith PRC will call from a trio of Revs. Bruinsma (Kalamazoo), A. Brummel (S. Holland), and VanOverloop (Georgetown).