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Covenant Protestant Reformed Fellowship



Rev. Angus Stewart

Lord’s Day, 15 January, 2006


"And above all these things put on charity, which is the

bond of perfectness" (Col. 3:14)


Morning Service - 11:00 AM

Christian Love (10)

Love Rejoices in the Truth

I Corinthians 13:6

I. The Positive

II. The Negative

III. The Reasons

Psalms: 122:1-9; 31:19-24; 137:1-9; 119:161-168


Evening Service - 6:00 PM

Christ’s Redemption from the Curse of the Law

Heidelberg Catechism, Lord’s Day 15; Galatians 3:13

I. The Curse

II. The Redemption

Psalms: 107:1-9; 32:1-5; 111:3-9; 130:1-8


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Quotes to Consider:

R. C. H. Lenski: "Anything that is wrong in God’s sight grieves a heart that is full of love, not merely because the wrong hurts the one to whom it is done, but especially because God is displeased with the wrong and must punish the wrongdoer. Instead of rejoicing over the wrong, love grieves over the wrong ... Unrighteousness prevails where the heart has pleasure in it, loves it, and thus rejoices in it. There the love that Paul describes is absent. But where the heart ‘rejoices with the truth,’ embraces it gladly, finds pleasure in possessing it, there unrighteousness is driven out ... This love finds pleasure in every progress which the truth makes in the hearts of men, namely in every bit of their conduct which shows that they love and obey this truth."

Herman Hoeksema: "And let us make no mistake, and imagine that the sentence of the law against us is like the sentence of a human judge that has been pronounced, but the execution of which is postponed until some future day. The law is not a mere code: it is the Word of the living God, the Word which He always speaks, and that, too, a Word of power that accomplishes what it says. When the law pronounces the verdict: ‘Cursed be everyone that continueth not in all the words of the law to do them’ it is the living God that thus speaks His Word of wrath, and pronounces the curse upon us. His own word of wrath and holy anger against the workers of iniquity,—that is the curse. It is the opposite of His word of favour" (When I Survey, pp. 289-290).

Announcements (subject to God’s will):

The congregation dinner sign-up sheet is on the back table. The BRF Conference booking forms are also available.

We express our sympathy to Ivan & Lily Reid in the death of Lily’s father this past Wednesday morning. The funeral was held on Friday.

Catechism: Today, after the evening service with the older Hamills Monday at 7 PM at the manse with the Campbells Thursday at 5:30PM at the Murrays and 7 PM at the Hamills

Bible Study will be held this week Wednesday at 7:45 PM at the manse. We will look at the work of elders in ruling.

The Reformed Witness Hour next Lord’s Day, 15 Jan (8:30-9:00 AM, on Gospel 846MW) is entitled "Fearfully & Wonderfully Made" (Psalm 139:14).

Upcoming Lectures: Limerick, 31 January, Justification by Faith Alone (Rev. Van Overloop). S. Wales, 10 February, Miracles and the End of the World

Last Week’s Offerings: General Fund - £477.35. Donations: £140 (tapes).

PRC News: Rev. Dick (Grace, MI) declined the call Edgerton (MN), so Edgerton’s new trio is Rev. Houck (Peace, IL), Rev. Laning (Hope, MI) and Cand. Lee.