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Covenant Protestant Reformed Church



Rev. Angus Stewart

Lord’s Day, 9 March, 2008


"Blessing, and glory, and wisdom, and thanksgiving,

and honour, and power, and might,

be unto our God for ever and ever" (Rev. 7:12)



Morning Service - 11:00 AM

A Sojourner With Thee (I)

Psalm 39:12

I. The Meaning of It

II. The Consciousness of It

Psalms: 105:6-12; 119:17-24; 119:49-56; 39:5-12


Evening Service - 6:00 PM

A Sojourner With Thee (II)

Psalm 39:12

I. A Confession of Church Unity

II. An Argument in Earnest Prayer

Psalms: 77:1-6; 119:25-32; 49:14-20; 73:23-28


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Quote to Consider:

Thomas Manton on Psalm 39:12: "How settled soever their condition be, yet this is the temper of the saints upon earth—to count themselves but strangers. All men indeed are strangers and sojourners, but the saints do best discern it, and most freely acknowledge it. Wicked men have no firm dwelling upon earth, but that is against their intentions; their inward thought and desire is that they may abide for ever; they are strangers against their wills ... A stranger is one that hath his abode in a foreign country, that is not a native and a denizen of the place ... But a sojourner is one that intendeth not to settle, but only passeth through a place ... So the children of God in relation to a country of their own in another place, namely, heaven, they are denizens there, but strangers in the world ..."

Announcements (subject to God’s will):

Colin Buchanan was in Antrim Hospital overnight on Thursday for tests to determine the cause of his weight loss and tiredness. The test results thus far have been fine, and they are now awaiting results of blood tests. Please remember the Buchanans in prayer.

William Graham and Karen Campbell’s mother has improved enough to be moved to Braid Valley in Ballymena.

Catechism Classes: Monday, 5:30 PM at the Murrays Monday, 7:00 PM with the Campbells at the manse

Membership Class: Tuesday, 8:30 PM at the Hallidays

Midweek Bible Study meets Wednesday, 7:45 PM, at the manse. We will study II Timothy 3:13ff. on knowing the Scriptures from a child.

Offerings: General Fund - £683.50. Building Fund - £313.60. Donations: £50 (building fund), £6.80 (books), £92.77 (Limerick).

The Reformed Witness Hour next Lord’s Day (8:30-9:00 AM, on Gospel 846MW), is entitled "The Power of the Cross" (Romans 8:1).

Women’s Bible Study meets next Tuesday, 18 March, 10:30 AM at the Murrays.

Francesco DeLucia plans to move to here to join the CPRC on 18 March. We are arranging tea after the evening service on 23 March to welcome this brother.

Upcoming Lecture: 28 March, "God’s Magnifying His Word," in South Wales

Plan on a congregational outing on Easter Monday, 24 March, to Carnfunnock Park on the coast north of Larne. There are activities for children at the park, including a steam train, as well as various walks.

Website Additions: 5 Italian articles were added as was the Ukrainian Chalcedonian Creed, the Belgic Confession in Slovenian and Croation, and an article by Aaron Lim from Singapore on "Church Membership and Its Implications."

Encouraging Quotes:

"We were very much challenged by the lecture given at Porthcawl on Friday, 1 February. It was our first visit to a CPRC gathering. We picked up several leaflets and have also been challenged by them ... Thank you for the website also. There is much to learn from it." - Somerset

"Thanks for the CR News you’ve been sending me I find a number of good articles that can be gleaned from there. Appreciate your ministry" - Singapore

"Thank you so much for renewing the Standard Bearer for me and for sending me those 2 CDs ... I’m listening again to your sermons on Stephen and benefiting from that and then there are others that I want to listen to again ... I was greatly blessed by the Lord’s Day notice sheet (bulletin) that you also sent me. It was really lovely reading the ‘Encouraging Quotes’ from people in different parts of the U.K. and also from other countries. How wonderful that the Lord is reaching out through the CPRC to dear brothers and sisters scattered around Europe and in the USA. It has also encouraged me, knowing that I was part of this fellowship of believers, many of whom are on their own like me. The Lord is blessing me so much in Isaiah with Prof. Hoeksema’s book (Redeemed with Judgment) ..." - Yorkshire

"... I have been studying lots with all the material that your pastor has sent me and I have grown in my faith. You all have been used so much by the Lord and in these days of falsehood in the church you are a shining light ..." - Co. Antrim

"Thank you indeed for the illuminating insight [from Martyn’s article] into Harold Camping of Family Radio. It is certainly enlightening and goes a long way into confirming my own views of his biblical revelations ... Thank you also for the other literature including the Reformed Perspectives relating to infant baptism, common grace, and creation." - Cambridge

"Thank you once again for sending out the CR News. I feel very blessed and privileged to receive this so consistently ... I continue to read the articles contained within the News with interest. I am always encouraged by your unashamedly biblical approach (‘What saith the Scriptures?’)." - Australia

"I found your website browsing for information with regards to the canon of Scripture. The information leaflets I found on your site were very enlightening. The efficiency of the service and quick response is excellent. Thank you. The books are wonderful." - London

"These are tremendous articles [on particular atonement]—something that is so mistreated today by the church. I found it very important and I will post them on my blog with a link to your website with a reference about many works there already in Portuguese. Thank you very much for defending the truth at this present hour." - Portugal

"I have just finished watching your debate with the pentecostal pastor shown on Revelation TV in Sept. 2007 ... I was in full understanding and agreement with your side of the debate in regards to the cessation of gifts of the Spirit. I have carried out much study on the subject as what I was seeing in church grieved my spirit. I have read the book by John MacArthur called Charismatic Chaos last year and have no doubts that what is carried out in pentecostal and charismatic churches today in the name of the Messiah is false." - Dorset

"Thank you for compiling your Foreign Language Resources page. It is an amazing collection to which I have referred a number of inquirers to ... it is good to see the Three Forms of Unity well represented." - USA

"I was reading the CR News and found it extremely useful ... could you please give me some insight into how we determine who is called to preach?"- Cumbria

"What a joy to receive this morning the CR News for December and January. I will be busy sending [extra copies] out today, God willing. And then we received your bonus message via e-mail of your article for the Ballymena Times on women in church office. It is another priceless piece of writing. We do thank you for sending it. I wonder if we could be so bold as to ask if we can have it inserted into our local paper too? ... we continue hearing the CPRC and PRC tapes, along with our friends who still like to join us. One of Prof. Hanko’s lovely sermons was much appreciated, the one he preached to you saints in November on receiving the Father’s chastisement. It was a gem of a sermon and we all were sitting together hanging on every word Prof. Hanko spoke. Mind you this is a rather usual position for us as we continue in God’s mercies to hear that richness and depth of the preaching we receive through the CPRC and the PRC ... Thanks be to God!" - New Zealand

"Just listened to the radio broadcast on women ministers. Very good! Ken Newell is a bare-faced Scripture twister and liar. The woman speaker just doesn’t believe in the authority of Scripture at all." - Co. Tyrone

"Very commendable. I agree wholeheartedly with your views on women’s role in the church." - Devon