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Covenant Protestant Reformed Fellowship



Rev. Angus Stewart

Lord’s Day, 21 March, 2004


"Because thy lovingkindness is better

than life, my lips shall praise thee"

(Psalm 63:3)


Morning Service - 11:00 AM

Heidelberg Catechism, Lord’s Day 1, Romans 8:16-39  (Italian)

Our Only Comfort

I. In Death

II. In Life

Psalms: 63:1-6; 99:6-9; 44:1-8; 130:1-8


Evening Service - 6:00 PM

Pastors, Gifts of the Ascended Christ (1)

The Office of Pastor

Ephesians 4:11

I. A Distinct Office

II. A Shepherding Office

III. A Teaching Office

Psalms: 80:1-5; 100:1-5; 23:1-6; 68:18-21


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Quotes to Consider:

John Owen: "There are four things which constitute an extraordinary officer in the church of God, and consequently are required in and do constitute an extraordinary office:—1. An extraordinary call unto an office, such as none other has or can have, by virtue of any law, order, or constitution whatever. 2. An extraordinary power communicated unto persons so called, enabling them to act what they are so called unto, wherein the essence of any office doth consist. 3. Extraordinary gifts for the exercise and discharge of that power. 4. Extraordinary employment as to its extent and measure, requiring extraordinary labour, travail, zeal, and self-denial. All these do and must concur in that office and unto those offices which we call extraordinary. Thus was it with the apostles, prophets, and evangelists at the first, which were all extraordinary teaching officers in the church, and all that ever were so, I Cor. 12:28; Eph. 4:11" (Works, vol. 4, p. 439).

Roy Zuck: "... in Ephesians 4:11 teachers are linked with pastors as a single gifted office. Teachers are to lead and care for those they instruct much as a shepherd cares for his flock. And local-church pastors, in shepherding their people are to ‘feed’ them by teaching God’s Word. Thus the ‘shepherds’ and ‘teachers’ constitute one group thought of as ‘teaching shepherds.’ Teaching requires a heart of concern, comforting and guiding those taught, which in turn calls for careful instruction in biblical truths, the ‘food’ needed for spiritual growth" (Teaching as Paul Taught, pp. 33-34).


The Standard Bearer is available today. This issue includes a letter by Jim Scoales of Portsmouth.

The letter to the Belfast Newsletter on the Mel Gibson film is on the back of the bulletin. Tuesday’s radio interview is now on the website as are other articles opposing "The Passion" movie.

Catechism: Monday at the Crossetts and Tuesday (6:30 PM) at the Hamills.

Bible Study will be at the manse on Wednesday, 8:00 PM (DV). We will continue our study of the millennium (Rev. 20:4-6).

On Friday, Rev. Stewart will speak in Porthcawl, south Wales, on "What is True Faith?" Rev. & Mary Stewart and Ivan & Lily Reid will be leaving for Wales on Thursday (DV).

The Reformed Witness Hour next Lord’s Day, 28 March, (8:30-9:00 AM, on Gospel 846MW) is "Jesus Crucified and Derided" (Mark 15:24-32).

Last Week’s Offerings: £429.41. Donation: £140 (tapes) and £50.

PRC News: Rev. Slopsema (First) has the call from Wingham PRC. Hudsonville has a trio of Rev. Eriks (Loveland), Rev. Slopsema, and Rev. Van Overloop (Georgetown). Lacombe has a trio consisting of Rev. Haak (Bethel), Rev. Smit (Doon), and Rev. Slopsema. Rev. DeVries is preaching in Wingham today.