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Covenant Protestant Reformed Church



Rev. Angus Stewart

Lord’s Day, 29 March, 2009


"Quicken me after thy lovingkindness; so shall I keep

the testimony of thy mouth" (Ps. 119:88)



Morning Service - 11:00 AM      Lord’s Supper

Christ’s Entrance into Heaven Itself     [download]

Hebrews 9:24

I. The Contrast

II. The Purpose

Psalms: 103:1-7; 21:1-6; 110:1-7; 23:1-6


Evening Service - 6:00 PM      Applicatory

Keeping the Sabbath in Babylon (2)

The Eunuchs Who Keep God’s Sabbaths     [download]

Isaiah 56:3-5

I. The Forbidden Words

II. The Faithful Life

III. The Fitting Promise

Psalms: 66:1-7; 21:7-13; 92:10-15; 27:1-5

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CPRC website:

Quote to Consider:

John Owen on Hebrews 9:24: "This continual appearance of the Lord Christ for us, as our high priest in the presence of God, in the way explained, is the foundation of the safety of the church in all ages, and that whereon all our consolation doth depend; whence relief is derived by faith on all occasions. The consideration hereof being rightly improved will carry us through all difficulties, temptations, and trials, with safety unto the end."

Announcements (subject to God’s will):

After a week of self-examination, confessing members in good standing are called to partake of the sacrament of the Lord’s Supper. Your participation in the Lord’s Supper is in part a witness that you repent of your sins, believe that Jesus Christ is your righteousness, and desire to live a new and godly life. As this heavenly food can be taken to one’s judgment (I Cor. 11:28-30) and as the common reception of this food is a confession of doctrinal unity (Acts 2:42), the elders supervise the partaking of the sacrament. Visitors from other denominations must request permission to partake prior to communion.

The Standard Bearer is available on the back table today.

The Buchanans leave for the US this week and will be gone 3 weeks. David Crossett leaves for India this week as part of his PhD course. Francesco De Lucia is in Italy this week. May the Lord keep them safe in their travels and return them to our midst in due time.

Francesco De Lucia’s new address is 3 Paradise Avenue, Ballymena, BT42 3AE. His phone number (available in 2 weeks) will be 028 25657475.

Ladies’ Bible Study meets this Tuesday, 31 March, 10:15 AM, at the Murrays.


Tuesday, 6:00 PM - Murrays

Tuesday, 7:00 PM - Hamills

Wednesday, 1:00 PM - Beginners OT Class at the manse

Midweek Bible Study meets on Wednesday, 7:45 PM at the manse. We will consider I Peter 2:11f. on "abstaining from fleshly lusts."

The Reformed Witness Hour next Lord’s Day (8:30-9:00 AM, on Gospel 846MW), is entitled "Jesus Abandoned by God" (Mark 15:33-34) by Rev. Haak.

Upcoming Lectures: Limerick, Thurs., 23 April, 7:30 PM - Calvin’s Battle for the Reformation (II)

S. Wales, Thurs., 7 May, 7:15 PM - Calvin’s Battle for the Reformation (II)

Offerings: General Fund - £423.46. Donations: £200 (CDs), £3.50 (books), £50 (CR News), £20 (Portadown).

Website Additions: 1 Farsi translation and 1 Tagalog translation were added.

PRC News: Byron Center PRC’s new trio is Revs. Haak, Key, and D. Kleyn. Lacombe’s new trio is Revs. Key, Overway, and VanderWal.

Encouraging Quotes

"It is with much thankfulness that I type this message. Having just finished listening to ‘The Goodness of Singleness’ and ‘The Danger of Singleness,’ I can again see some light of God’s grace bringing me back on the path to repentance Your two sermons really served to provide some practical, and scriptural, facts to meditate and focus on ... I’ll be listening to many more of your sermons ... My roommate and I thoroughly enjoyed your systematic destruction of Timothy Ramsey and his fallacious doctrine ..." - Idaho, USA

"Thank you most sincerely for the terrific booklets and leaflets. Plenty of strong meat here as well as warm milk! They have been most helpful and I’ve asked for a few more." - Co. Armagh

"With gratitude to God and deep appreciation to you ... we [listened to] your voice preaching John 17:6-10 this past Lord’s Day evening here in our home in Ukraine ... I have begun to see the goodness of our God in preparing you and your brethren and His bringing me to this people, desolate and deprived of the Word, in order that after my demise there will be the voice from Ballymena preaching and teaching the Word here to those our God is pleased to redeem ..." - Ukraine

"Debate with this lady [Christina Rees] was excellent as ever, although sadly all too short. As she denied the sufficiency of Scripture, she took a typical charismatic view. If the Church of England were to preach again the Thirty-Nine Articles, there would be hope, but she is making shipwreck of the faith. But so, of course, are most churches to a greater or lesser extent." - England

"I watched your interview last night on YouTube with the Arminian Ramsey and the host. I thank the Lord for your witness to many people who watched the interview. There is no way those who watched could come away without definite and clear answers ... May the Lord continue to bless you in your ministry and the saints in Northern Ireland." - Canada

"I really do find the CR News enlightening, helping me in my spiritual walk. Would you send the CDs on ‘The Woman and the Dragon,’ and ‘The Most Avoided Chapter in the Bible.’" - S. Wales

"Thank you for the CR News that you regularly send to my e-mail. I really appreciate them for I learn a lot. Praying that the Lord will continue to use your gifts and talents for the expansion of His kingdom." - Philippines

"I first read about the controversy surrounding the ‘free offer’ or ‘well-meant offer’ over a year ago At first it seemed to me that all parties involved could shake hands and part as friends with just some minor adjustments in phraseology ... until I read further into the controversy and even more recently I read Herman Hoeksema’s book about the Clark vs. Van Til controversy within the Orthodox Presbyterian Church ... The free offer is ludicrous ... I have been a Wesleyan-Arminian for almost 23 years and can certainly attest to the fact that the ‘free offer’ view promoted by some who claimed to be Reformed certainly seems very Arminian." - Maryland, USA

"Was much blessed by your sermon on comfort (Isa. 66). Praying that many in God’s providence will listen to Reformed preaching. I enclose a gift for the upkeep of your website or wherever the need is." - Lancashire, England

"Please let me have 6 copies of the pamphlet ‘The Antithesis: Godly Living in Ungodly Times’ ... I really appreciate the monthly CR News which I’ve had from volume 1. I hope they will continue as the Lord enables." - Cambridgeshire, England

"Thank you for the timely News. It has been well received. I have also enjoyed Prof. Hanko’s forum on common grace and the downloadable sermons from your website have been very helpful. We are just going through your sermons on Romans 9 for Bible study. I just want to know if the ‘Calvin 500th Anniversary Lectures’ will be available for download at a later stage." - South Africa

"I saw the debate and also made a copy of your speech on Charismaticism. I stand in full agreement with you and the speech could have gone on another hour or so. I plan to make copies and give them out as gifts to a few of my Pentecostal associates and family members." - California, USA

"... I was reading something on marriage on your site the other day. I saw your debate on World in Focus regarding the true gospel. I thought you did well. Praise the Lord for His grace. It’s so amazing to think how many souls would have heard the true gospel that night." - Devon, England

"I am writing to take advantage of the DVD on the Calvinism debate you offer on your [Trinity PRC] website. I would love one! I go to a Christian Reformed Church of North America ... and am involved as a youth leader and would love to use this with the youth so that they can see the depth of the Reformed faith and how biblical it is." - Canada

"The lecture was great and I’m looking forward to the next one! If you would e-mail the CR News to me that would be good." - Co. Armagh