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Covenant Protestant Reformed Church



Rev. Angus Stewart

Lord’s Day, 17 May, 2009


"Quicken me after thy lovingkindness; so shall I keep

the testimony of thy mouth" (Ps. 119:88)


Morning Service - 11:00 AM

God the Creator      [download]

Heidelberg Catechism, Lord’s Day 9; Psalm 104

I. The Revelation in Creation

II. The Comfort for Believers

Psalms: 148:1-10; 26:7-12; 19:1-8; 104:1-7


Evening Service - 6:00 PM

Christ’s Coming to Send Fire on the Earth    [download]

Luke 12:49

I. The Meaning

II. The Application

Psalms: 86:9-14; 27:1-4; 66:5-12; 69:4-9

Contact Sean Courtney ( for CDs of the sermons and DVDs of the worship services.

CPRC website:

Quote to Consider:

John Gill on Luke 12:51: "Christ came to make peace with God for men, and to give the Gospel of peace, and spiritual and eternal peace to men; but not external peace, especially that, which is not consistent with the preservation of truth."

Matthew Henry on Luke 12:53: "We find in the Acts that, wherever the gospel came, persecution was stirred up; it was every where spoken against, and there was no small stir about that way. Therefore let not the disciples of Christ promise themselves peace upon earth, for they are sent forth as sheep in the midst of wolves."

Announcements (subject to God’s will):

A special issue of the Standard Bearer on "Missions and Evangelism" is available on the back table.

Family Visitation:

Today, 17 May, after AM service - Janet Napier (Crossett/Rev. Stewart)

Monday, 18 May   7 PM - Raineys (Reid/Rev. Stewart)      8 PM - Crossetts (Reid/Rev. Stewart)

Tuesday, 19 May   7 PM - Sinead Hanna (Reid/Rev. Stewart)      8 PM - Hamills (Reid/Rev. Stewart)

Wednesday, 20 May   7 PM - Buchanans (Crossett/Rev. Stewart)      8 PM - Reids (Crossett/Rev. Stewart)

Thursday, 21 May   7 PM - Douglas Stewart (Reid/Rev. Stewart)     8 PM - Stewarts (Crossett/Reid)

Sam, Manuel and Rob from Limerick hope to be with us from this Friday to Monday (22-25 May).

The Reformed Witness Hour next Lord’s Day (8:30-9:00 AM, on Gospel 846MW), is entitled "Taking Heed to All the Flock" (Acts 20:28-31).

Upcoming Lectures:

Limerick, Saturday, 30 May, 7:30 PM - Calvin’s Doctrine of Justification

Lisbon, Portugal, Wednesday, 3 June - Calvin’s Battle for the Reformation (I)

Lisbon, Portugal, Thursday, 4 June - Calvin’s Battle for the Reformation (II)

Portadown Town Hall, Friday, 12 June, 8:15 PM - Calvin vs. Darwin: Anniversaries, Origins and Worldviews

Limerick, Friday, 19 June, 7:30 PM - Calvin vs. Darwin: Anniversaries, Origins and Worldviews 

Ballymena, Friday, 10 July, 8 PM - Calvin’s Battle for the Reformation (I)

Ballymena, Friday, 17 July, 8 PM - Calvin’s Battle for the Reformation (II)

S. Wales, Thursday, 23 July, 7:15 PM - Calvin vs. Darwin: Anniversaries, Origins and Worldviews

Offerings: General Fund - £447.77. Donations: £9.70 (CR News), £2.70 (books).

Website Additions: 1 Portuguese translation and 1 Afrikaans translation were added.

PRC News: Rev. Key (Hull, IA) declined the call to Byron Center PRC.

Encouraging Quotes:

"... I want you to know that I had the privilege of watching the (on-line) debate between yourself and Rev. Timothy Ramsey aired on ‘World in Focus’ on October 2, 2008. In my humble opinion, it looked like you were debating two people ... You quoted all of the relevant verses defending the classic reformed position, and I was highly edified." - New York, USA

"We had a blessed time over the past couple of days watching and listening [to the Calvinism debate] as you presented a redoubtable apologia for Calvinism. Prior to this we enjoyed your lecture on eschatology." - Co. Armagh

"I am finding [Christ’s Spiritual Kingdom] so enlightening." - Yorkshire, England

"I would definitely enjoy receiving the CR News each month. I have also been enjoying your series on ‘Reformed Courtship.’ How pertinent is that topic in this day and age, an age when the prevalence of true doctrine is as scarce as it’s ever been." - Idaho, USA

"I thank you for the [Calvinism] debate you had and for making it available. I learned much from it, especially the way you had scriptural backing time and time again, and that, on the tip of your fingers ... Lord willing I will be sharing it with others and using it as a study tool." - S. Africa

"We very much enjoy the Reformed Witness Hour each weekend on the radio." - Co. Antrim

"I enclose my cheque in acknowledgement of the book I ordered and please accept my appreciation and thanks for the three magazines and the pamphlets giving details of your services ... I listened to the first of your tapes on ‘The Woman and the Dragon’ and it was a revelation! I just wish some of our clergy could listen to this. They don’t seem to know what a sermon is these days—in fact the minister of the church gives a political talk!" - Lancashire, England

"Please sign me up for the e-mail version of the CR News! We just sent away for, and received the DVD of your debate on Calvinism v. Arminianism. It was hardly a ‘debate’ but an ambush, one which you handled so very well, all glory be to God! ... Until we can make a physical, geographic move to the Midwest or somewhere, we depend on on-line sermons, pamphlets, RFPA’s wonderful books, etc., to build and strengthen our faith. Your website is yet another treasure!" - New Jersey, USA

"I watched the debate on TV about signs and wonders. I thought you handled it very well because I thought that both the presenter and the opponent were against you ... If you have a CD of your lecture on Calvin, could you please forward two and I will send the money." - Co. Antrim

"I’m very thankful truly to the Lord for the amount of resources He’s blessed me through you and the website. I was extremely blessed with the sermon you did on Romans about nothing separating us from the love of God ... as I study Calvin and much of his teaching I get enlightened more and more ... The true doctrine of grace truly crushes who we are in the eyes of God apart from Jesus Christ ..." - California, USA

"Just want to say thanks for the booklets you sent and tell you that I value them very much." - England

"I would like to thank you for sending me the CR News and it is a blessing to read and meditate on them ... we started preaching and teaching the Heidelberg Catechism during our worship service although in past years we read them and gave little explanations. Indeed it is a well of wisdom and knowledge." - Philippines

"I appreciate your help and thanks for the website." - Chile

"... we make a point of listening to the Reformed Witness Hour programme each week. It certainly enriches our life!" - Co. Londonderry

"I am most grateful for your internet ministry. It has been through your sermons and Herman Hoeksema’s books that I have come to cherish the Reformed faith. I do not have a Protestant Reformed Church in driving range of my home so as I have been doing the last few years will continue to rely on your ministry to feed me the untampered Word of God." - Ohio, USA

"... we feel very blessed to have the CPRC website. We enjoy very much the biblical preaching and the articles." - Netherlands

"We have given in the last couple of years a special book to our hunting clients. It is called Doctrine According to Godliness by Ronald Hanko of the PRCA. It is a wonderful and great book and one of the most precious books on our shelf." - Namibia

"I am at present reading again Saved by Grace by the 2 Rons—excellent work to His glory." - S. Wales