Covenant Protestant Reformed Church
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Covenant Protestant Reformed Church



Rev. Angus Stewart

Lord’s Day, 14 October, 2007


"Teach me thy way, O LORD; I will walk in thy truth:

unite my heart to fear thy name" (Ps. 86:11)


Morning Service - 11:00 AM

The Virgin Birth

Heidelberg Catechism, Lord’s Day 14; Luke 1:35-37

I. The Means

II. The Result

III. The Truth

Psalms: 145:1-8; 104:22-29; 98:1-8; 22:9-14

Evening Service - 6:00 PM

Gideon, Mighty Man of Valour (5)

Gideon Prepared for the Battle

Judges 6:33-40

I. The Clothing of the Spirit

II. The Gathering of the People

III. The Sign of the Fleece

Psalms: 86:11-16; 104:30-35; 81:1-8; 143:6-12


For audio cassettes of the worship services or CDs of the sermons, contact Sean Courtney (

CPRC website:


Quotes to Consider:

William Perkins: "How must we hear God’s Word [preached]? We must come unto it with hunger-bitten hearts, having an appetite to the Word; we must mark it with attention, receive it by faith, submit ourselves unto it with fear and trembling, even then when our faults are reproved; lastly, we must hide it in the corners of our hearts, that we may frame our lives and conversations by it."

Announcements (subject to God’s will):

Catechism classes: Monday, 5:30 PM at the Murrays Monday, 7:00 PM with the Campbells at the manse Thursday, 7:00 PM at the Hamills

Women’s Bible Study starts this week Tuesday, 16 Oct., 10:30AM, at the Murrays. Any woman who can not come to the Bible study but would still like the daily worksheets and readings, please contact Mary Stewart. These contain good practical material on fearing God, marriage, child-rearing, etc., and could be used for daily private devotions.

Membership Class: Tuesday, 8:30 PM, at the Hallidays.

Midweek Bible Study on Wednesday at 7:45 PM at the manse will continue with II Timothy 1:7ff.

Stephen Rushton arrives on Saturday, 20 October, and plans to be with us until Monday, 29 October.

Offerings: General Fund - £546.50, Building Fund - £253.20. Donations: £50.

The Reformed Witness Hour next Lord’s Day (8:30-9:00 AM, on Gospel 846MW), is entitled "The Husband is the Head of His Wife" (Eph. 5:23).

Reformation Day Lectures: "Lessons from the Reformation for Today" Fri., 26 Oct., 7:30 PM in Portadown Minor Town Hall and Fri., 2 Nov., 8 PM in Ballymena Protestant Hall Fri., 9 Nov., 7:30 PM in Limerick School Project building

Website Additions: 3 Portuguese and 6 Italian (including excerpts from John Owen’s Death of Death) were added. The "Charismatic Gifts and Cessationism" debate can now be seen on-line (

PRC News: Rev. Haak (Georgetown, MI) declined the call to the Philippines. Rev. A. Brummel (S. Holland, IL) accepted the call to Heritage PRF in Sioux Falls, S. Dakota. South Holland will call from a trio of Cand. N. Langerak, Rev. Key (Hull, IA), and Rev. VanOverloop (Byron Center, MI).

Encouraging Quotes:

"In pursuing the doctrinal side of the PRC, I have been through Prof. Hanko’s For Thy Truth’s Sake (Brilliant!)." - Gloucestershire

"Soli Deo Gloria for having selected people like you Mr. Stewart, Prof. Hanko and Prof. Engelsma to proclaim the gospel of salvation. Every note and commentary that you send us is well read and distributed to our brothers and sisters in the Lord. We are so sorry to live so far away that we cannot be present at your lecture on 31st of October. Keep on proclaiming the Word of God, the end time is so near." - Quebec, Canada

"Praise the Lord. I watched the Genesis TV on Thursday night. It was good to see you in ‘the flesh,’ rather than just hearing you on your website ... It was a bit frustrating to see the presenter and Pastor David not having a grasp of the ‘doctrines of grace’ though they were sincere in their Arminian understanding. You certainly took on some ‘hot potatoes,’ especially when you highlighted that the ‘signs and wonders’ always occur when a ‘new gospel’ (or a false one of free will) is preached. I do pray that the Lord will lead many to hear the preaching from Many thanks also for the C. R. News articles. May the Lord bless you all in Ballymena." - Lancashire

"Greetings in the holy name of our Sovereign God and Savior Jesus! I get some of your literature from time to time, remember reading about you in the Standard Bearer, and have prayed for you, with all the saints there in N. Ireland. I’m a prisoner converted to Christ about 13 years ago, soon after my incarceration, and did become aware of this faith which I have received. I love the PRC and believe in all things as she does. This is a wonderful thing! ... God continue to bless your work ... I just wanted to write and say ‘hello’ to you and to encourage you in the Lord." - California, USA

"Thank you for the Covenant Reformed News. I will send you some postage stamps soon. Once again, thank you." - Merseyside

"I am a minister at an independent baptist church in the Canary Islands. I know the Reformed doctrines and I value highly authors like Hoeksema ..." - Canary Islands

"I am presently listening to your series of tapes entitled, ‘Jehoshaphat, the Ecumenical King.’ The addresses are outstanding and the content is true to God’s word. I am tremendously blessed and encouraged by them" - New Zealand

"Thanks for all the literature which you’ve been sending me—it is brilliant." - Devon

"I thank God for your life that He has been using you to edify the church. The information you provided suits my need in desiring to increase my knowledge about the Lord God. God bless you more and more." - Singapore

"We are so blessed by all of your materials, especially the CDs on ‘The Election of the Church,’ ‘Christ’s Intercessory Prayer,’ and ‘Justification By Faith Alone.’ May I have other subjects from you? ... If it is God’s will we are planning to start a small evening Bible school in Chennai. I need the material and prayer support for this." - West India

"I wanted to thank you for sending me all the books and pamphlets ... I read two chapters [from Reformed Dogmatics] that very evening. I am sure they will be very edifying to me and will help me clear my understanding of a lot of topics. I have read two pamphlets, ‘What It Means to Be Reformed,’ and ‘A Defense of Calvinism as the Gospel.’ Seeing neither of them has been translated into Italian yet, I think they would make a good start ... rediscovering true reformed confessionalism is very, very important for the church today ..." - Italy

"Thank you so much for your review of Murray’s book ‘Wesley and Men Who Followed.’ I have not heard such sentiment toward Wesley save in my own head. What a comfort to know that I’m not crazy!!" - Virginia, USA

"I listened to some of your sermons on-line and they were very enriching for me. Thank you!" - Lincolnshire

"I go to the CPRC website every day if I can and have been listening to the sermons. You don’t know how much they have been used of God to help me. I hope to get down to your church some Lord’s Day. I spend a lot of time reading the Reformed news letter and the material that your church has kindly sent me ... we sometimes have Bible study together and the talk is about Calvinism and how the Reformed faith is the only God-inspired way to live and glorify God for His mercy. I copy all the material from your church and the group of four men can’t wait to get it. I hope to go to the conference in 2008 ..." - Co. Antrim

"I am delighted with the tremendous site ( ... only this year I left a Pentecostal past to join a Reformed church. I was able to see the difference between what the Word said and what was being preached. I fought heresies a lot, but the reality is that Protestant churches in Portugal are liberal and ecumenical for the most part ..." - Portugal