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Covenant Protestant Reformed Fellowship



Rev. Angus Stewart

Lord’s Day, 18 September, 2005


"The Lord reigneth; let the people tremble: he sitteth

between the cherubims; let the earth be moved" (Ps. 99:1)



Morning Service - 11:00 AM
The Ark of the Covenant (4)

The Fall of Jericho

Joshua 6

I.    The Wonderful Events

II.   The Significance of the Ark

III.  The Faith of God's People

Psalms: 136:13-26; 17:8-15; 44:1-8; 68:1-6


Evening Service - 6:00 PM
Lead Us Not Into Temptation

Heidelberg Catechism; Lord's Day 52; James 1

I.   The Source of Temptation

II.  The Results of Yielding to Temptation

Psalms: 115:1-10; 18:1-7; 19:9-14; 119:33-40


CPRF website:

Quotes to Consider:

Homer C. Hoeksema on Joshua 6: "It is obvious that the entire significance of the marching centers and culminates in the ark of the covenant, which undoubtedly symbolized that Jehovah himself was in the midst, and that he was marching in the midst of his people as they went around the city" (Unfolding Covenant History, vol. 4, pp. 288-289).

Matthew Henry on Joshua 6: "One of these days must needs be a sabbath day, and the Jews say that it was the last, but this is not certain; however, if he that appointed them to rest on the other sabbath days appointed them to walk on this, that was sufficient to justify them in it; he never intended to bind himself by his own laws, but that when he pleased he might dispense with them ... And, besides, the law of the sabbath forbids our own work, which is servile and secular, but this which they did was a religious act. It is certainly no breach of the sabbath rest to do the sabbath work, for the sake of which the rest was instituted; and what is the sabbath work but to attend the ark in all its motions?"

Announcements (subject to God's Will):

A radio debate on amillennialism vs. preterism between Prof. Engelsma and Don Preston will take place tonight, at 7-8 PM U.S. Central time. The program will be archived for those unable to listen live.

Catechism: Monday at 7 PM with the Campbells at the manse. Tuesday at 7 PM at the Murrays. Hamills to be arranged.

Bible Study on church polity continues this week Wednesday at 8 PM at the manse. Last week we saw the biblical and confessional material on the church, defined the area of our study and underscored its importance. This week we will continue to look at the various forms of church government.

The Reformed Witness Hour next Lord’s Day, 18 September (8:30-9:00 AM, on Gospel 846MW) is entitled "Relief from the Burden of Sin" (Ps. 119:11).

Upcoming Lectures

Friday, 30 September, in Aberdeen on "The Synod of Dordt" 

Tuesday, 11 October, in Limerick on "The Blessed Virgin Mary" 

Friday, 4 November, in S. Wales on "The Apostolicity of the Church"

Last Week’s Offerings: £547.55. Donations: £35 (tapes).

PRC News: Loveland will call from a trio of Revs. A. Brummel (South Holland, IL), Rev. Key (Hull, IA), and Rev. Laning (Hope, MI). Edgerton has a trio of Revs. Bruinsma (Kalamazoo, MI), Rev. Houck (Peace, IL), and Candidate Marcus.

Encouraging Quotes:

"Thank you once again for the books which you have sent me, I am reading them and learning the Reformed doctrine ... I consider namely your church doctrine to be correct and biblical ... I hold to your a-mil. position. Thank you for the lessons ... Thank you very much for the book by Herman Hoeksema, Behold He Cometh! This is a wonderful and very useful book. Thank you for your help in my spiritual growth." - Kazakstan

"Well done in your defence of exclusive psalmody in your debate with Rev. Foster. I have only just heard the recording of the debate. I think that you put the position well and did well ..." - Australia

"Thank you for the book. [My friend] was well pleased with it and sends you this £10 with many thanks." - N. Ireland

"Please send to me the third volume of Unfolding Covenant History. These books are certainly addictive as the review on the cover suggests!" - England

"I was searching after church sites looking for sermons about certain topics. I listen to the audio sermons on sometimes. Which I think is very good by the way. Very helpful. So I looked also on the link for the book [Absolute Predestination]. The subject of predestination is something I keep interested in ..." - Netherlands

"Thank you so much for making this literature available!" - Florida, USA

"Many thanks for the book. Enclosed is a cheque for the book and £10 toward your costs of the News which I really appreciate." - Cornwall, England

"I am very much looking forward to the book, Absolute Predestination. Thanks for the generous gift." - Tennessee, USA

"... I was very impressed with the Ireland site. They have so many interesting articles, also from very old reformers. I think my own church could learn from this. The message from the past is still as relevant today." - Netherlands

"We have lived in Northern Idaho for the past seven years and have been listening to your sermons for nearly a year now. We have profited greatly from them and have shared them with our 2 sons and one daughter in Illinois, also our daughter and her family who live in California." - Idaho, USA

"Just heard you on the Talkback programme today [Friday, 16 September 2005] ... Really, really appreciated that. Thank you very much. Sound exegesis and application." - Crumlin, N. Ireland

"Really enjoyed your comments on Talkback ... a breath of fresh air." - Carrickfergus, N. Ireland

"I am very interested in increasing my knowledge of the (I think) only true Christian message—the Reformed faith— and so I have studied many Internet websites to find really true, biblical resources who profoundly explain the Reformed faith, forgotten and neglected by many Protestants. I have encountered the links on the sites of the Protestant Reformed Churches in the USA and in Canada and I have decided to contact you searching for good literature to study ... I decided to increase my knowledge of the Reformed faith, the strength and profundity of these teachings are really astonishing and spurred me to more study. I have read and downloaded probably all your pamphlets ..."  - Poland