Covenant Protestant Reformed Church
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Covenant Protestant Reformed Church



Rev. Angus Stewart

Lord’s Day, 23 September, 2007


"Teach me thy way, O LORD; I will walk in thy truth:

unite my heart to fear thy name" (Ps. 86:11)


Morning Service - 11:00 AM

Gideon, Mighty Man of Valour (3)

The Angel of the Lord Vanishes

Judges 6:17-24

I. The Confirmatory Sign

II. The Memorial Altar

Psalms: 146:1-8; 103:1-7; 34:1-10; 99:1-7

Evening Service - 6:00 PM


The Purpose of the Scriptures

Romans 15:4

I. For Learning

II. For Perseverance and Comfort

III. For Hope

Psalms: 78:1-6; 103:8-15; 18:43-50; 69:1-6


CPRC website:


Quote to Consider:

Herman Hoeksema on Romans 15:4: "... the Old Testament Scriptures have a definite character. They are especially adapted to teach the New Testament people patience and comfort. The reason is plain. In the Old Testament the saints had nothing but the promise. We have much more. We have, in principle, the realization of the promise. Christ has come. However, everything the Old Testament saints had was a promise, and they took hold of it. For this promise they suffered shame, reproach, and death. They suffered willingly because they deemed the reproach of Christ greater riches than the world [Heb. 11:26]. They lived in patience as they suffered for the sake of the promise" (Righteous by Faith Alone, p. 664).

Announcements (subject to God’s will):

The September issue of the C. R. News is on the back table.

This evening, we will have a preparatory sermon with a view to partaking of the Lord’s Supper next week.

Yearly subscription renewals, including airmail from the US (£1=$2): Standard Bearer (21 issues) - £12.50; Beacon Lights (12 issues) - £5. Standard Bearer only (£12.50): Buchanan, Courtney, Crossett, Graham, Hall, Hanna, Rainey, D. Stewart. Standard Bearer and Beacon Lights (£17.50): Napier. Please pay Rev. Stewart who will pay the appropriate bodies in the US in $ (make cheques payable to "Rev. Stewart").

Catechism classes: Monday, 5:30 PM at the Murrays Monday, 7:00 PM with the Campbells at the manse

Midweek Bible Study continues this Wednesday at 7:45 PM at the manse. We will study II Timothy 1.

Rev. Stewart will debate Pastor David Antwi ( on Revelation TV in London, 9-11PM this Thursday, on the topic "The Charismatic Gifts and Cessationism." The debate will be shown live on satellite TV (SKY Digital Channel 676, soon to be 765) and on the internet ( Remember this witness in your prayers.

Offerings: General Fund - £488.22. Donations: £50 (C. R. News).

The Reformed Witness Hour next Lord’s Day (8:30-9:00 AM, on Gospel 846MW), is entitled "A Dress Code for Marriage" (Col. 3:12-13).

Reformation Day Lectures:  

"Lessons from the Reformation for Today" Friday, 26 October, 7:30 PM in Portadown Minor Town Hall 

Friday, 2 November, 8 PM in Ballymena Protestant Hall 

Friday, 9 November, 7:30 PM in Limerick School Project building

PRC News: Rev. A. Brummel (S. Holland, IL) received the call to Heritage PRF in Sioux Fall, S. Dakota.


Encouraging Quotes:

"Please send me the C. R. News on a regular basis. This is rich and deep theological writing of the highest quality. I share your serious approach to the inerrant Scriptures and your hunger to know and apply their true meaning." - New Zealand

"I found Trinity and Covenant very good ... I’m really enjoying the [CPRC material] on baptism, the covenant, etc ... It is a new dimension." - W. Midlands

"Once again I send you thanks for the books sent through the post. They have been used by God to open this sinner’s eyes to so much. They are read and reread. They are great food for my hungry soul. Also, I use them in work as we meet for a time of Bible study. One of the men I work with at first when he looked at them did not want to read them and was very much against them, but now after we have gone through them with an open Bible going from point to point, this same man not only loves them but takes them and I never get them back. Also, he is on the web site every night and meets me every morning when we talk over the sermon from the night before. We are both growing in the Lord. Thank you and may all the glory go to our Lord." - Co. Antrim

"I would like to subscribe to your Covenant Reformed News ... Your [pamphlet] on ‘The Marks of the True Church’ was very beneficial ... I thank God every day for churches such as yours ... May God bless you as you continue to proclaim the truth which can be found in Christ alone." - Kentucky, USA

"This article [in the C. R. News] about virgins and widows is great! My daughter is now 12, so the questions concerning courtship come close. This ... strengthens me in what I already believe and it deepens my insight." - Netherlands

"I really enjoyed the RFPA book on the Reformation. It is an excellent book to pass on to others so I will order a few copies for handing out to people I know." - Limerick

"Thank you for the fast service and all the information. I would be happy to have the C. R. News. Sign me up! ... I am absolutely certain that I will enjoy the books. I have read and heard some of Hoeksema’s teachings and he is absolutely brilliant! It’s a shame that so few seem to like him." - Sweden

"Please send me 20 copies of Herman Hoeksema’s pamphlet ‘Jesus Saviour and the evil of Hawking Him.’ It is a tremendously forceful tract." - S. Wales

"Today I started to read Herman Hoeksema’s God’s Goodness Always Particular, which is a great work ... The more I listen to HH ... the more he is going to be on my list of favourite theologians." - Netherlands

"Thank you for the latest C. R. News. I so enjoy them." - Devon

"I find your newly posted article ‘The PCI and Sodomy’ by Martyn McGeown, very helpful and timely. Singapore ... is essentially a conservative Asian country. However, my country’s government, for some pragmatic reason, has recently called its people to accept and welcome homosexuals so as to attract ‘foreign talent’ into Singapore and help boost its economy. We, Christians, have since been bombarded with all kinds of pro-homosexual arguments such as homosexuality is a genetic issue and not a sin; and that homosexuality is just another alternative lifestyle that deserves human respect, etc. This article reminds me that the Devil is definitely working very hard, prowling ‘around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour’ and to deceive ..." - Singapore

"The article on homophobia in the PCI was excellent." - N. Ireland

"I have been enjoying the Heidelberg Catechism preaching of late. Lord’s Day 8 on the Holy Trinity was excellent and very timely. I never heard anybody in the local churches preach on this subject. True doctrinal preaching has fallen to the ground in our days. Just one more sign of the nearness of our Lord’s return." - Yorkshire

"It is refreshing to read, reread and hear (audio) the beautiful truths contained in Scripture. I want to commend you for your hard work and diligence in this necessary and vital task of proclaiming God’s word. It is both a comfort and a challenge to read your work and to listen to these truths—thank you. There are people who need to hear the power, beauty of God’s word, and to come to know God as loving and just; and thus merciful for those who are His. This is where the evangelical church, which doesn’t want to offend, is not teaching the ‘whole character’ of God. Your website is a place that they can receive this instruction ... I wanted to express personally that I have been richly blessed by your ministry ... please accept my thanks. May God continue to bless you in all that you do. May He continue to guide your steps." - Australia

"Thank you for sending the Covenant Reformed News, which I read, enjoy and benefit from." - Co. Antrim