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The Outrage at Gibeah


6-Sermon Series on Judges 19-21

An attempted homosexual gang rape, a heterosexual gang rape and a dismembered concubine being sent to Israel’s 12 tribes leads to the whole tribe of Benjamin being put under discipline and almost wiped out. "The Outrage at Gibeah" (Judges 19-21), the latest CPRC sermon series, sets forth Jehovah’s searing holiness, the necessity of (painful) church discipline and God’s amazing grace. The 6 sermons are now available on CD and DVD in an attractive box set.

(1) What Sort of a Man Is This Levite?
(2) The Outrage at Gibeah
(3) A Whole Tribe Put Under Discipline!
(4) Painful Church Discipline in Israel
(5) Benjamin Nearly Wiped Out!
(6) Benjamin Back From the Brink

£8/box set (inc. P&P)

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