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Joash, King of Judah

4-Sermon Series on II Chronicles 22-24

False ecumenism and a murderous grandmother—wicked Athaliah, Israel’s only non-Davidic monarch and sole queen—combine in well nigh wiping out the line of David. But God preserved baby Joash, who became the seventh king of Judah and the first to repair the temple, before murdering the grandson of his greatest benefactor, Jehoiada, Israel’s longest-serving high priest! This set of CDs or DVDs come in an attractive box set for just £6.

(1) Baby Joash’s Wonderful Deliverance
(2) Boy Joash’s Successful Coronation
(3) King Joash’s Temple Repairs
(4) Apostate Joash’s Bad End

£6/box set (inc. P&P)

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