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Behold the Beauty, Vol. 2Behold the Beauty, Vol. 2
by Connie Meyer

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179 Pages
Softback, Spiral Bound
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This book is a teacher's manual designed for use with children ages 7-8 and can easily be used in a homeschool situation.

Behold the Beauty is a treatment of art education from a Reformed, Calvinistic viewpoint. The lessons teach the elements of art: line, shape, texture, colour, value and form, and include instruction in putting these elements together. There are 12 lessons for each grade, each lesson divided into six main subheads: Objective, Supplies, Vocabulary, Introduction, Directions and Variations. The book also includes student worksheets that can be copied.

The author, Connie Meyer, has an art education degree from Calvin College. She has led teacher seminars on art education and is a frequent author of articles in the Beacon Lights magazine, a young adult magazine.

Behold the Beauty, volume 1 is also available.