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Better to Marry

Better To Marry
by David J. Engelsma

An Exposition of 1 Corinthians 7

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In seven succinct chapters, the author brings to both single and married believers, in a straightforward way, the intensely practical instruction of the apostle Paul on sex and marriage. 

In what calling am I to please God—in marriage or single life? How can I please my husband or wife sexually? If I have an unbelieving or miserable spouse, what does the Lord require of me? What is the relationship of the children of believers to the covenant of grace? How am I to rear my covenant children? As well as answering such questions and many more, this book also exposes the evils of a "Joseph marriage," requiring "unmarried priests," divorce for any ground other than fornication, and remarriage of both the guilty and the innocent party while their spouse is still living.

Added as an appendix is "The Remarriage of the 'Innocent Party'—A Sermon," a careful explanation of Matthew 19:9.

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