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A Defense of the Church Institute

A Defense of the Church Institute
by David J. Engelsma

A Response to the Critics of Bound to Join

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The statement in Belgic Confession 28 that all believers are "in duty bound to join and unite themselves with" an instituted church that has the three marks of a true church has proved to be controversial with some in North America and Europe, as Prof. Engelsma’s recent book, Bound to Join, has been fiercely attacked by both expected and unexpected critics.

This book answers those critics, by defending the doctrine of church membership and demonstrating that love for the universal, invisible church invariably expresses itself by love for the manifestation of this church in the church institute. This new book also examines the "house church" movement and the claim by such men as Harold Camping that the church age has ended. A must-read on biblical and Reformed ecclesiology!

The Reformed Confessions on the Necessity of Church Membership
Chapter 1: Criticism by Those at Ease Outside of Zion
Chapter 2: Criticism by Presbyterian Kevin Reed: Distorting Calvin
Chapter 3: Criticism by Presbyterian Kevin Reed: Neglecting the Creeds
Chapter 4: Postscript: Promotion of Reed's Criticisms by EPC of Australia Minister Rev. C. Connors
Chapter 5: Attack of the "Red Beetle" (a.k.a. Monty Collier)
Chapter 6: Review by a Reformed Pastor (Rev. John Bouwers)
Chapter 7: The Judgment of Harold Camping

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"I just got Defense of the Church Institute yesterday morning and am more than half way through already. Prof. Engelsma’s defence is excellent; it demolishes the opposition ... I didn’t know Kevin Reed was a house-church man. Life is full of surprises." - England