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Notes on the Church OrderNotes on the Church Order
by Herman Hanko

and the Believers' Manual for Church Order

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Many church members today have little or no knowledge of the biblical and Reformed principles of church government especially those in hierarchical or departing churches. Ministers and church periodicals do not teach these things and members are left ignorant and helpless, unaware of their church rights and responsibilities, and unable to protest or appeal church practices or decisions.

This work by Prof. Hanko, a long-time church member, minister and theological instructor fills this need. As a teacher of church polity and one with many years of experience both of church assemblies and of helping church members formulate their presentations, he is a safe guide to the confused layman.

The first and longest part of this work gives a concise explanation of all the 86 articles of the Church Order of Dordt, as used in the Protestant Reformed Churches.

The second part explains how the child of God is to relate to church office-bearers, how he is to bring matters to the assemblies, his calling in family visitation, at congregational meetings and in church discipline.

Even those from different ecclesiastical backgrounds and with different church orders or church codes will find this book helpful as it sets forth the principles of Scripture and Reformed ecclesiology as regards the institutional life of the church of Jesus Christ our Head and Redeemer.