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The Clark-VanTil Controversy

The Clark-Van Til Controversy
by Herman Hoeksema

111 Pages
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In 1943 Dr. Gordon H. Clark sought ordination in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church, a small denomination barely seven years old. 

Dr Clark was immediately opposed by the faculty of Westminster Theological Seminary, led by Professor Cornelius Van Til. Despite their zealous opposition, Dr Clark was ordained by the OPC. 

But the controversy was just beginning in 1944 the Westminster Seminary faculty tried to remove Dr. Clark from office, not by filing charges against him, but by arguing that the procedure the OPC used to ordain him was irregular. They were struggling, not merely to prevent Dr. Clark form gaining influence in the denomination, but to retain their control of the Seminary as well. 

The controversy that ensued raised some of the most important doctrinal issues of the century, issues that still resonate throughout all American churches: What does it mean to say that God is 'incomprehensible?' Is God emotional? Is Scripture propositional revelation? Can men know the same truth that God knows? Is man's mind or are his emotions more fundamental? If God is omnipotent and sovereign, how can man be held responsible for his actions?

Herman Hoeksema of the Protestant Reformed Churches understood the significance of the controversy and wrote a series of incisive editorials in the Standard Bearer. He argued that the irrationalism of the Westminster faculty disguised their Arminian doctrines, which they insisted were "truly Reformed." This book is the collection of those editorials.

"A friend recently loaned me a Trinity Foundation book, The Clark-VanTil Controversy which first acquainted me with the writing of both Clark and Herman Hoeksema. Both authors had a gift for being clear, profound, and simple (perhaps that’s somehow related to speaking truth?)  ..." - Tennessee, USA

5 chapters in Portuguese - The Text of a Complaint (ch. 1), Rationalism (ch. 7), Sovereignty and Responsibility (ch. 8), The Sincere Offer of the Gospel (ch. 9), An Arminian Gospel (ch. 15) can be read here.