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Come Out From Among Them

Come Out From Among Them
by John Calvin

Anti-Nicodemite Writings of John Calvin

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At the time of the Reformation, some persons who claimed to be Reformed pretended to be Roman Catholic, attending mass and giving their Romanist neighbours no reason to think that they were Reformed. Calvin addressed this behaviour, calling on these people (Nicodemites), if they believed in Christ, to make a public confession of their faith, rather than dissembling for the purpose of keeping their status in society. He called them to separation from a false church. 

There are many Nicodemites today—people who profess to hold the biblical and Reformed faith—in departing churches. The call of the Word of God, Calvin, and the Reformed creeds (Belgic Confession 28-29) is the same: "Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues" (Rev 18:4)! Few today dare to read and fewer still dare to practice, the great Reformer's scriptural teaching and exhortation concerning membership in a faithful, Christ-honouring church.

Contents: Publisher’s Introduction · A Letter to Some Friends · A Short Treatise Setting Forth What the Faithful Man Must Do When He Is Among Papists and He Knows the Truth of the Gospel · Answer of John Calvin to the Nicodemite Gentlemen Concerning Their Complaint That He Is Too Severe · Four Sermons from John Calvin Treating Matters Which Are Very useful for Our Times with a Brief Exposition of Psalm 87 · A Response to a Certain Dutchman Who, Under Pretence of Making Christians Really Spiritual, Suffers Them to Defile Their Bodies in All Sorts of Idolatries · Scripture Index · Subject Index

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