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Contending for the Faith

Contending for the Faith
by Herman Hanko

The Rise of Heresy and the Development of the Truth

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A companion book to Portraits of Faithful Saints, also by Herman Hanko

The history of the Christ's church is a record of battles fought for the truth. Peter warned the New Testament church that false teachers would creep into the church, bringing in their destructive heresies. Over the last two millennia, heretics have sought to undermine the foundation of the church by attacking every area of doctrine. And the attacks continue to the present day. A right knowledge of these heretics and their pernicious errors is essential if the church will defend the truth over against the various current forms of the lie. Therefore, a book that describes the heretics in their historical setting is immensely valuable. Contending for the Faith is such a book.

In a unique way, Contending for the Faith presents the history of heretics that have troubled the church over the last two thousand years. What sets the book apart is its evaluation of every heresy from a consistently and unashamedly Reformed perspective. The reader will readily grasp the significance of the early heretics as Prof. Hanko demonstrates the connection between their heresies and the errors from AD 100 (Marcion) to the present day (Federal Vision theology). The vibrant writing style brings the heretics—ancient and modern—to life. This trustworthy guide to the heretics equips believers today to "contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints" (Jude 3).

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"Contending for the Faith has been so helpful, as I am battling some of the same heresies that our brothers and sisters faced in the past." - England

"Contending for the Faith by Herman Hanko is [a] classic. [It is very helpful] to know more of Charles Darwin and evolutionism." - S. Wales