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The Farbers

The Farbers
by Gertrude Hoeksema

203 Pages
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This book is a collection of 101 short stories about a fictional Christian family and their everyday experiences. Each story brings to life Christian values which we strive to teach our children. Children and adults alike will enjoy this book time and time again.

The Farbers is also a great devotional book to be used in the classroom. Several teachers have used this book in their class. From a school memo of Lynden Protestant Reformed Christian School we read: "If you want to find out more about the Farbers, talk to any of Miss Lubbers' students. They loved it!"

From a parent: "My son's teacher would read from the Farbers for story time. My son wanted to take our copy to school so he could follow along and sneak a peek at the next story coming up. He really enjoyed this book."

Review by Barb Dykstra:

"With subjects ranging from school to 4-H (agricultural shows), broken arms to broken hearts, lambs to wombats, fishing to stealing, and Upper Michigan to Tasmania, this book will keep your children begging for more.

The stories hold special appeal because they are written in the first person from each member of the family. They are very entertaining, with 4-H (agricultural) show and family camping, and, most important, they each have a message children can understand to help them live as children of God.

Obedience first comes through strongly— and the consequences of disobedience are easily understood. The stories show the important place Scripture holds in family life...

Each story in itself can lead to a good discussion with your children as you laugh or cry with the characters in their problems—you'll find your own there somewhere!"