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Good Morning, Alice

Good Morning, Alice
by Gise J. Van Baren

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Alice was dying from Lou Gehrig's disease. During the last stages of her illness, letters arrived daily to comfort and encourage her. Were these notes from the Hemlock Society, urging Alice to claim her right to die with dignity and call someone in to assist her in suicide? Were these messages from the Stoic, coaching Alice to keep a stiff upper lip, to suck in her gut, and to draw from her inner resources in order calmly to resign herself to her fate? Or were these daily words to the dying Alice from God the heavenly Father Himself, reminding Alice of His sovereignty, goodness, and love—even in suffering and death—and teaching Alice to rest, by faith, in His will and in the sufficiency of His grace?

The attitude of the Christian toward suffering, based on a theology that recognizes the sovereignty of God in all trials, is well defined in the foreword by Professor Herman Hanko. For comfort in suffering and for an example of how to be a godly comforter to others in their suffering, read Good Morning, Alice.

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