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In the Beginning GodIn the Beginning God
by Homer C. Hoeksema

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The 1960s were years of challenges to the infallibility and inspiration of God's Word. These attacks were precipitated by the increasingly popular theory of evolution, which was making inroads into Reformed churches and schools. In contradiction to this creeping heresy and in unequivocal defense of the doctrine of Scripture, the Reformed Free Publishing Association (RFPA) published In the Beginning God by Prof. Homer C. Hoeksema, son of Herman Hoeksema.

Since then the conflict between creation and evolution as the explanation of the origin of the world has intensified, and the truth of God's inerrant Word is increasingly compromised, even in historically Protestant circles.

Christ’s people must be knowledgeable regarding holy Scripture and creation so that they can faithfully maintain and proclaim these doctrines. The explanation and defence of these timeless truths in this fine little book will help you to this end!

The three chapters of this excellent, little book are entitled "The Divine Foundation—The Infallible Scriptures," "The Creation Record—Literal or Not Literal?" and "Genesis and Scripture."

"Good book. Very well written, easy to read and understand. Great front cover too." - S. Wales