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Justified Unto Liberty

Justified Unto Liberty
by Herman Hanko

Commentary on Galatians

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In our day the central doctrine of the Reformation, the article of a standing or a falling church—justification by faith alone—is under attack, even by many in historically Reformed and Presbyterian denominations through a heretical covenant theology (the Federal Vision).  Revisionist theologians, such as Anglican N. T. Wright, are also resurrecting the old heresy of justification by faith and works (the so-called New Perspective on Paul). Both groups teach a new form of the old error of the Judaizers that Paul condemns in the Epistle to the Galatians.

In direct contradiction of this heresy, the author stands squarely in the tradition of Luther and Calvin. From an uncompromisingly Reformed perspective, Prof. Hanko clearly and positively expounds Galatians, emphasizing the gospel of justification by faith alone, as well as the liberty this grand truth gives to the people of God.

To watch the video of the author interview concerning this book, click here.

"The Prof.'s commentary on Galatians has been much appreciated, particularly as he treats the biblical truth of federal headship. Once that is understood so much more falls naturally into place, and displays the perfect harmony of God's revealed will concerning our redemption, His holiness and love, His grace and mercy, His justice and righteousness—who but the Almighty could have thought of such a plan, let alone carried it out!" - W. Midlands, England