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Less Than the Least

Less Than the Least
by Cornelius Hanko

Memoirs of Cornelius Hanko,
edited by Karen VanBaren

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261 Pages
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Less Than the Least is the memoirs of Rev. Cornelius Hanko's long, fruitful life of nearly a century (1907-2005). He lived through two world wars, the Great Depression, the Korean and Vietnam Wars, the rise and fall of communism and the advent of the space age, and spanned the terms of 18 US presidents, from Theodore Roosevelt to George W. Bush.

Son of Dutch immigrants to America, Rev. Hanko served six pastorates in five states, most notably in First Protestant Reformed Church, Grand Rapids, Michigan (1948-1964), along with Rev. Herman Hoeksema and Rev. Hubert De Wolf. Rev. Hanko poignantly describes the grief caused in the PRC by De Wolf's heresy and schism (1953).

More than this, Less Than the Least follows Rev. Hanko from his childhood, school days and seminary training, all the way to his retirement (1977) and beyond. As well as covering the formation of the Protestant Reformed Churches in the 1920s, it includes his travels to continental Europe, the Middle East, Australia (and the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Australia) and Northern Ireland (and the Covenant Protestant Reformed Church).  

This delightful book comes complete with photographs.

"Thank you for your prompt sending of Less Than the Least! I read it in five days—fascinating! It will be a good reference work as well, when we can't quite remember when something happened!" - Michigan, USA