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Sermons on Melchizedek and Abraham

Sermons on Melchizedek and Abraham
by John Calvin

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This is a valuable and rare volume of sermons by John Calvin touching upon subjects so significant to the Christian church. The sermons cover chapters in Genesis with serious examination of Abraham, "the friend of God," first, as to Abraham's courage in rescuing his nephew Lot, second, as to his godliness in paying tithes to Melchizedek, third, as to Abraham's faith in believing God, and lastly, as to his obedience in offering his son, Isaac.

The book is complete and unabridged, and is not to be confused with Calvin's commentaries, nor is it a facsimile. The English translation of the original French is by Thomas Stocker (1592), but it has been edited to reflect contemporary spelling, and bracketed words in italics are inserted following some antiquated terms or phrases as a convenience for the modern reader. 

The brief Scripture sections preceding each sermon have been stylishly typeset to approximate their original appearance. This was done for two reasons: to maintain an accurate reproduction of the English text translated from Calvin's French and to offer to the reader a taste of the rich and full majesty that so beautifully flows from translations of the Reformation era.

Reader's Comment:   "... very searching and encouraging." - S. Wales

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