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The Mystery of Bethlehem

The Mystery of Bethlehem
by Herman Hoeksema

Messages on the wonder of Christ's birth

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Chapter Headings:
1. The Prince of Peace
2. The Sun of Righteousness
3. The Herald of Daybreak
4. Fulfillment of the Promise
5. That Ever Wonderful Story
6. The Firstborn
7. His Only Place
8. No Room For Him
9. Jesus
10. The Advent Sign
11. Christmas Joy
12. Great Joy
13. Tidings of Joy
14. Heavenly Praise
15. Bethlehem's Hidden Revelation
16. Returning
17. Nunc Dimittis
18. The Contradicted Sign
19. Anna
20. The Christ-Child As Lord of All

First published in 1944, this new edition includes eight additional chapters chosen from meditations in the Standard Bearer.

These meditations are still current in their appeal. The same social issues of war and peace, wealth, honour and fame confront us yet today. Our sinfulness and the grace that comes to us through Bethlehem are ever-present in our lives.

In these devotional chapters, the reader will enjoy Herman Hoeksema's flowing yet thorough style—a style that skilfully brings the reader closer to the mystery, the wonder of the events at Bethlehem.

"What child of God, saved by grace, does not turn with an ever new interest and spiritual delight to Bethlehem in ‘the fulness of time,’ to contemplate in humble adoration the mystery of salvation, revealed, yet hid, in the Child in the manger? With the confession that this Child of the virgin Mary is the Son of God come into the flesh the Christian faith stands or falls. Yet who shall ever fathom this wonder of all wonders, that the infinite, eternal glorious, and ever living God united Himself with finite and weak human nature, appeared in the likeness of sinful flesh, reached down into the depth of our death to lift us into the glorious heights of His everlasting covenant? Millions of sermons have been delivered on this theme, volumes have been filled with it, profound treatises have been written on it, and simple stories have been told about it; but the theme was never exhausted and always kindles anew the interest of the believer" ("Preface" to The Mystery of Bethlehem).

"Many thanks for The Mystery of Bethlehem. What a blessing it has been to enjoy these lovely insights." - Co. Tyrone, N. Ireland

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