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Particular Grace

Particular Grace
by Abraham Kuyper

A Defense of God's Sovereignty in Salvation

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"In some of the so-called 'orthodox' circles of our country, it is increasingly the custom to present the expression 'Christ for all' ... as a criterion of evangelical truth. By 'Christ for all' is meant that Christ, according to the purpose and extent of his self-sacrifice, died for all men without exception." So states Abraham Kuyper in the opening lines of his Particular Grace (p. 3) over a century ago, in words just as applicable in our day.

In the forty chapters of this extremely valuable work, Kuyper overthrows the universal atonement and universal grace of Arminianism, past and present. Through clear exposition of the Word of God, and manifest proofs from the confessions and greatest theologians of the church, he proves that particular grace is biblical and Reformed and universal grace is heretical and unreformed. This is, however, far from being a cold, dispassionate book. Listen to Kuyper's remarks in his last chapter: "The conclusions of every thorough investigation of an aspect of God's sacred mysteries should always be a song of praise! It must not only be demonstrated that the purer conception of the truth serves more to God's glorification, but by contemplating and pondering it, we should also be led spiritually to appreciation and worship" (p. 343)—words that he well heeded!

This work comes complete with a helpful introduction to Kuyper's life and times, written by Marvin Kamps, the translator from the original Dutch.

"Absolutely a must read for anyone dedicated to the glory of God’s holy name and reformation of the church" (Dutch Heritage Pages).

"Reformed believers will surly be impressed with the power of the author's language and argument, the breadth of his acquaintance with past and contemporary discussion, and the cumulative weight of his case. They will also find Kuyper surprisingly fresh and pointed. Many contemporary denials of particular grace are anticipated by his arguments" (Mid-America Journal of Theology).

Augusto Melini: "[Kuyper] believed that the glorious truth of the sovereign and particular grace of God should be preached with renewed fervour, as an alternative to the principle of "general grace" (according to which God wants to save all without exception in Christ) ... [Some said that being] insistent on such an issue ... may cause divisions … But [Kuyper's] calling did not allow him any ambiguities: 'If one today denies God’s sovereignty in salvation, how can he declare God’s law and right before a materialistic, humanistic, hedonistic society such as ours?' (p. viii). It’s a real privilege to see how this man had the strength and courage to proclaim his firm convictions about the fact that the doctrine of particular grace—indissolubly tied to that of the covenant—represents the truth as it is set forth in Sacred Scripture: God, in Christ Jesus, saves only those sinners who have been elected by His eternal decree" (Studi di Teologia).

"The Reformed Free Publishing Association has accomplished a breakthrough. For the first time, with the possible exception of Kuyper’s work on the Holy Spirit, the Kuyper of sound Reformed doctrine and church reformation is presented to the English reading public … The book is biblical, deliberately and pervasively so … The book is controversial. It was controversial when it was written. It is still controversial in Reformed churches ... By no means is the book only controversy. There is lively, warm explanation and development of the glorious gospel of salvation by the grace of God in Jesus Christ. Kuyper is fresh. Kuyper is fervent. Kuyper storms the heart of the believer" (Standard Bearer).

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