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The Implications of Public Confession

The Implications of Public Confession
by Abraham Kuyper

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Abraham Kuyper was born in the Netherlands. He was a Modernist minister when he assumed his first charge, but was led, through the influence and prayers of a saintly woman in his congregation, to see that he was feeding his people husks.

He saw the truth of salvation through the blood of Christ and responded by preaching the gospel with unusual power.

Abraham Kuyper was an outstanding theologian, he led a Dutch political party, and was prime minister of the Netherlands.

Here is a stimulating volume for young Reformed people answering the vital question, "What is expected of me after I make confession of faith?" Interestingly written and easily understood, Dr. Kuyper describes the calling and life of confessing church members. Not only should young people find this book valuable but also Christian parents and church office-bearers will find it helpful for answering questions such as these:

Why should confession of faith be made publicly?
Who should make confession of faith?
Should training be given in preparation for this confession? 
Of what should the preparation consist?
Are catechism classes necessary?
Is it necessary to examine candidates for confession of faith?
What is the relation between confession and being received into the church?

This excellent and worthwhile volume will prove itself indispensable indeed—and will assure interested young people all the facts and "implications of public confession."

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