Covenant Protestant Reformed Church
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Ready to Give an Answer

Ready To Give an Answer
by Herman Hoeksema & Herman Hanko

A Catechism of Reformed Distinctives

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The points of doctrine explained in this book will equip the Reformed believer to answer challenges to the gospel of sovereign, particular grace. Two question and answer sections preceded by concise introductions articulate the controversies that gave rise to and shaped the Protestant Reformed Churches in America. The first section covers Arminianism and the issue of "common grace." The second exposes the error that posits a general promise of salvation to all children of believers. The blessings of the covenant are shown to be unconditional gifts to the elect children of believers.

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"Reading Herman Hoeksema on 'common grace' has been a delight, as it brings out the truth and the wonder of the grace of God to us. The Lord has changed me recently: previously, I wasn't all that keen on reading materials against heresies but now I find it such a blessing." - W. Midlands, England

"Ready to Give an Answer is an excellent book!" - USA

Two books on early Protestant Reformed history may be read on-line:

  1. A Study of the Relation Between the Views of Prof. R. Janssen and Common Grace by Herman Hanko (covers two, related, doctrinal controversies in the Christian Reformed Church [1920-1925]: the Janssen controversy over the nature and authority of Scripture and the common grace controversy, shedding much light on PRC origins)
  2. The History of the Protestant Reformed Churches by Herman Hoeksema (covers 1924-1936)