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The Reformed WorldviewThe Reformed Worldview
by David Engelsma and Herman Hanko

The Word of God for Our Generation

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Chapter 1: The Reformed Worldview
Chapter 2: The Organic Development of Sin
Chapter 3: The Abolition of Truth
Chapter 4: The Reformed Believer and Money
Chapter 5: The Sexual Revolution
Chapter 6: Towards a One-World Government

Chapter 7: The Unbreakable Scripture
Chapter 8: The Call to Spiritual Cleansing

About the British Reformed Fellowship


Everyone has a worldview, whether they are conscious or unconscious of having one and whether their worldview is relatively simple or sophisticated, consistent or inconsistent, true (i.e., biblical) or false.

Moreover, everyone necessarily has a view of themselves and the universe; God and man; right and wrong; the beginning, the meaning and the goal of all things—a worldview. Even if they deny the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ and try to avoid thinking about many of the biggest issues of life, some sort of worldview, no matter how truncated or limited, is unavoidable.

The issue is what worldview will we hold? The worldview taught in the Scriptures and the Reformed confessions or one of the lying worldviews which suppress and pervert God’s truth in unrighteousness and call forth His wrath from heaven (Rom. 1:18)?

This little book is designed to help Christians (and any others who may read it in God’s good providence) to believe, understand, speak and behave in all spheres of life according to the gospel of the Lord Jesus revealed in the Holy Bible. In other words, its goal is that, by God’s grace, our faith and life be more consciously conformed to a more completely and consistently Reformed worldview, over against the various Antichristian worldviews, especially those most prevalent and powerful in our modern, Western world. In this way, we will be obeying what Christ calls "the first and great commandment:" "Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind" (Matt. 22:37-38).

There is a logic to the order of the chapters. Chapter 1 introduces, and gives an overview of, the Reformed worldview, while the next chapter explains the idea of the development of sin. Chapters 3-5 set forth our calling as regards various forms of wickedness: the "big lie" of postmodernism (ninth commandment), the ensnaring love of money (tenth commandment) and the ubiquitous promotion of promiscuity (seventh commandment) in our mendacious, covetous and adulterous generation. The final chapter of part 1 explains how the development of sin brings in a one-world Antichristian government.

These six chapters began life as the six main lectures at the biennial British Reformed Fellowship (BRF) Conference in Hebron Hall, near Cardiff, in Wales in the summer of 2010. After much transcribing, editing and even rewriting, they are presented here in a more permanent form and for a wider audience.

Our two main conference speakers, Herman Hanko and David Engelsma, emeritus professors of the Protestant Reformed Seminary in Michigan, USA, also preached at the Sunday services during the week-long conference. It was the will of the BRF membership that these fine sermons also be included in this book, especially as they dealt with issues related to our theme. In part 2, chapter 7, "The Unbreakable Scripture," shows us the basis for our Reformed worldview: the infallible Word of God, while chapter 8, "The Call to Spiritual Cleansing," summarizes our Christian life in this fallen, evil world as one of sanctification.

Saints from the various parts of the British Isles and several countries in continental Europe, N. America and Asia who had the privilege of attending the 2010 BRF Conference may require a word about the book’s title. The conference’s theme, "The Word of God for Our Generation" is the subtitle, for the two main authors decided upon the more specific The Reformed Worldview as the main title.

The Reformed Worldview: The Word of God for Our Generation is the fourth BRF book co-authored by Profs. Engelsma and Hanko, the others being Keeping God’s Covenant (2006), The Five Points of Calvinism (2008) and The Work of the Holy Spirit (2010).

We hope that this new work is even more widely circulated and well received than the previous three BRF books! May it, too, serve the honour of our glorious triune God!

Rev. Angus Stewart
BRF Chairman

"'How should we then live?' is a question that has confronted every believer from the fall onwards, for the world we pass through constantly impacts on our lives, and can prove a very hostile environment. The practical issues of Christian living were the theme of the 2010 British Reformed Conference. The main addresses, delivered by Professors Engelsma and Hanko of the Protestant Reformed Churches (US), have been expanded and are now offered to a wider Christian audience. Through eight thoroughly biblical presentations, we are given detailed instruction and advice on the Reformed (or biblical) worldview: the organic development of sin; the abolition of truth; the believer and money; the sexual revolution; towards a one-world government; the unbreakable Scripture, and, finally a call to spiritual cleansing. The writers pull no punches when exposing the evil around us so some of the material is 'strong stuff,' but we should never shy away from seeing the world as it is, as we seek to witness to it ... it is, throughout, a sincere attempt to confront a sin-soaked society with the infallible word of God and to challenge the believer to examine where he or she stands. The sections on the abolition of truth ('newspeak,' making wrong seem good and driving out the old, plain, words) and towards a one-world government (are current events leading up to the final world dictatorship of the Antichrist?) are especially valuable and thought provoking. The book concludes on a positive note: God is in control, even the evil around us is working out His gracious plan. Events that shock and dismay us today may testify loudly that the Lord's return is near at hand." - British Reformed Newspaper

"I am halfway through the book and thoroughly impressed by it because it confirms the way I see the world ... I am considering buying copies for my two Christian grandsons." - Avon, England

"I'm just re-reading The Reformed Worldview by D. Engelsma and H. Hanko. It is so very, very edifying that I want to give a copy to the pastor here." - W. Yorkshire

"I have given away a couple copies of Profs. Hanko and Engelsma's amazing book [The Reformed Worldview], which is the core of what they both spoke upon [at the 2010 BRF] Family Conference. I marvel anew at the faithfulness of God in His keeping these two giants of the faith active and able to produce from the Scriptures such strong, bold truths. One friend [said] he was overjoyed to have read it. I now would like some more copies ..." - New Zealand

"The Reformed Worldview has been a great help to me in understanding what is happening iin the world now and also learning what God say to us in His Word about it." - England

"This is a very good book. I especially liked the chapter 'The Abolition of Truth.' It explains in great detail the root of many problems when there is no absolute standard for truth." - Washington, USA

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