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Saved By Grace

Saved by Grace
by Ronald Hanko & Ronald Cammenga

A Study of the Five Points of Calvinism

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245 Pages
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Beginning with a treatment of the sovereignty of God and then an examination of each petal of the TULIP in turn, Rev. Hanko and Prof. Cammenga make a consistent and thorough exposition of the doctrines of grace known as Calvinism. Each point is boldly defended and objections to the doctrine are faced and refuted.  "Difficult passages" which are often appealed to by Arminians are examined and explained. 

The book is written with the "ordinary" Christian in mind.  With a view to convincing the unconvinced, the book is saturated with proof texts (Authors' Preface to the First Edition). "It does not suffer from the confusion, contradiction and compromise that characterize many similar efforts: God elected some but wills to save all; the natural man is totally depraved but performs many good works; Christ died for the elect but 'is dead' for everyone who hears the gospel; the actual saving of sinners is by irresistible grace but must take place by a 'well-meant offer' made alike to all" (Prof. Engelsma's Foreword). 

Buy it and learn the glories of God's sovereign grace, or if you want to introduce a friend to Calvinism, buy him this book. 

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This book was reviewed in the Standard Bearer.  Click here (scroll down to second review in list) to read this review. 

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"I used one of your books for my study and preparation—Saved by Grace. This book helped my understanding of Calvinism tremendously and also gave a new light to those in Haiti who never heard of such doctrines! So glory be to God that we can live in such an era that I can have a book that would do so much! - Haiti

"I have read through Saved by Grace and I really like it, very clear and consistent, a great resource. In fact could you please send me two more copies?" - Avon

“I am excited to receive such a book from a business friend, which is really uncommon! The title Saved by Grace is very close to my heart, and the faith in God through Jesus Christ, grounded on the Bible, is my daily source of life. Also, I fully underwrite the Calvinist doctrine, which is the closest to the Bible.” - Netherlands