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Sermons on Election and Reprobation

Sermons on Election & Reprobation
by John Calvin

Sermons on Genesis 25-27 (Jacob & Esau)

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Calvin's preaching was intensely practical. From the outset of a sermon, Calvin was applying the teaching of the passage to the experience and life of the congregation." "Practical as Calvin was in preaching the Old Testament, he did not view Old Testament history as a mere collection of illustrations for a godly life. For Calvin, Old Testament history has a covenantal centre and is, therefore, prophetic of Jesus Christ. Commenting on Rebekah's attempt to gain the blessing for Jacob by 'craft and lying,' Calvin said, 'The matter was here of the salvation of the world, the question was of having Jesus Christ whom God should send for a Redeemer'"

The sermons therefore are doctrinal. Nor is predestination the only doctrine taught. Indeed, the title of the set of sermons can be misleading. Sermons six through nine contain little or nothing that explicitly concerns predestination, treating as they do of the trial of Isaac in Gerar. Only at the end of sermon ten, where he explains Esau's marriages to two heathens as a manifestation of his reprobation, does Calvin return to the subject of predestination.

Running through the entire exposition, as through all of Calvin's theology, is the theme that binds all together, the sovereignty of the God and Father of Jesus Christ. This sovereignty is divine purpose and power governing all that takes place, the disobedience of the reprobate as well as the obedience of the elect, for the sake of God's glory in the salvation of the church of Jesus Christ.... Following the apostle in Romans 9, John Calvin saw in the inspired history of Jacob and Esau the revelation of God's eternal predestination of some particular individuals unto salvation, and of other particular individuals unto damnation.

"I've begun to read Sermons on Election and Reprobation by Calvin. His sermons are very clear, and are a blessing to me as I learn more about predestination, election and reprobation. Calvin was a great Reformer, pastor, preacher, lecturer and writer." - Lincolnshire, England

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