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The Sovereignty of God

The Sovereignty of God
by Arthur W. Pink

The Baker edition

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The Baker edition of Pink's well-known work which includes all the material omitted in the Banner of Truth edition. This book can also be read on-line.

"This book by A. W. Pink is a "MUST READ" book for a Reformed Christian ... if you have never read it, you must read it. And if you have read it like 10 years ago, let me recommend you to read it again. You ought to read the edition that is published by Baker Book House, which is the complete version. The Banner of Truth Trust has also has a book by the same title but don’t buy it! You will be short-changed and you will not get your money’s worth. The reason is that they have omitted crucial chapters that define the Reformed faith! They left out a chapter on "Sovereignty of God in Reprobation" and all the appendices! They are Pink’s explanation of John 3.16, I John 2.2, the distinction between the will of God’s precept and decree, and the case of Adam" (Singapore).

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This article demonstrates how the Banner of Truth edition of Sovereignty differs from the Baker edition.  Read how much has been omitted and altered! A real eye-opener!

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