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For Thy Truth's Sake

For Thy Truth's Sake
by Herman Hanko

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This book relates the beginnings of the Protestant Reformed Churches in America, starting from its roots many years before it's actual formation in 1925. From the doctrines and church order laid down at the historic Synod of Dordrecht of 1618-1619 and revitalized in the early 19th century by dissenters to the established state church of the Netherlands, the author traces the immigration of Dutch Calvinists to the United States when they were forced to escape ecclesiastical and economic persecution.

Several CRC ministers and congregations who opposed the Arminian tendencies in the CRC led to the formation of the PRC. Amid severe controversy, first in 1924 as they broke away from the CRC and later in 1953 amongst themselves, this fledging group of churches fought for its existence.

For Thy Truth's Sake is not a mere relating of the people, places, and events involved - although they are included and make fascinating reading. The focus is rather on the PRC's struggle to maintain the truth of sovereign, particular grace. The author clearly and concisely defines Protestant Reformed doctrinal distinctives. His history is brought further to life by the inclusion of 24 pages of more than 70 historic photos.

Includes Scripture and subject indexes, entire text of ten historic documents, and 24 pages of historic photos.

This book was reviewed in the Protestant Reformed Theological Journal.  Click here to read the review.

To read chapter 11 in Italian, click here.

Two books on early Protestant Reformed history may be read on-line:

A Study of the Relation Between the Views of Prof. R. Janssen and Common Grace by Herman Hanko (covers two, related, doctrinal controversies in the Christian Reformed Church [1920-1925]: the Janssen controversy over the nature and authority of Scripture and the common grace controversy, shedding much light on PRC origins)

The History of the Protestant Reformed Churches by Herman Hoeksema (covers 1924-1936)

"For Thy Truth’s Sake certainly is a good read. My immediate reaction was to think, ‘Here we go again—another book I can’t put down!’ - Warwickshire, England

"I want to share with you what a great blessing For Thy Truth's Sake is being to me. I must admit that, initially I wasn't interested as I thought it wasn't about the church in England's history. Then I saw how wrong that was of me, as the church in any land is our history, so I ordered it from you and it arrived safely last Monday. Thank you! It is so very wonderful! I hadn't really taken in what 'A Doctrinal History' would mean. I have already read the first three parts and a bit of part 4. It has been really thrilling! - Halifax, England

"Ignore this book ... at your peril. For its implications concern the whole Church of God militant" (British Reformed Journal).

To watch the video of the author interview concerning this book, click here.