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Unfolding Covenant History, Volume 2

Unfolding Covenant History (Volume 2)
by Homer C. Hoeksema

From the Flood to Isaac

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327 Pages
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An exposition of the Old Testament from a covenantal perspective. This is in an ongoing exposition: the first four volumes (covering Creation to the Conquest of Canaan) were authored by Prof. Homer C. Hoeksema. Volume 5 is authored by Prof. David J. Engelsma, who plans to writes volumes 6 and 7 as well.

The second volume of the Unfolding Covenant History series is divided into three parts: the postdiluvian world and the patriarchal eras of Abraham and Isaac. The postdiluvian section covers the changed earth after the flood, the establishment by God of the sword-power ordinance, the covenant with Noah, Noah’s prophetic blessing and cursing, Nimrod, Babel, and the genealogy/chronology provided for Shem’s generations. Though the facts about the first two patriarchs are familiar, the covenantal perspective on those lives makes for a much richer interpretation than most readers have ever before encountered. In fact, this can be said of all the proposed books in this series.

Homer C. Hoeksema: “Finally, for a little while at the very end of history, the wicked world will apparently succeed in overcoming the effect of Babel’s deadly wound; but that will be only to enable the final kingdom of Antichrist to fill the cup of iniquity to the very last drop in order that the wicked may be cast out into the everlasting confusion and desolation of which Babel is a picture. The only true and lasting unity is made from all the nations of the world in our Lord Jesus Christ, crucified and raised, through his Spirit, beginning on the day of Pentecost. There the difference in tongues falls away, so that in Christ Jesus the elect, new humanity, the church, is united in the bond of faith. That kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ shall have the everlasting victory. Babel is the name of the world. Babel is the world’s essential character. God confused them, and he shall confuse them in the end and forever. But they who love the Lord Jesus Christ shall inherit the everlasting kingdom” (Unfolding Covenant History, vol. 2, pp. 79-80).

"These very readable volumes are a veritable treasure store into which, when the believer dips, he will surely increase his spiritual wealth" (The Outlook).