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Unfolding Covenant History, Volume 4

Unfolding Covenant History (Volume 4)
by Homer C. Hoeksema

Through the Wilderness into Canaan

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An exposition of the Old Testament from a covenantal perspective. This is in an ongoing exposition: the first four volumes (covering creation to the conquest of Canaan) were authored by Prof. Homer C. Hoeksema. Volume 5 is authored by Prof. David J. Engelsma, who plans to writes volumes 6 and 7 as well.

Volume 4 of the Unfolding Covenant History series describes the journey of Israel from Egypt to the land of promise, as well as their conquering and inheritance of Canaan (i.e., the narrative sections from Exodus 15 to Joshua 24).

This book details Israel's journey to Mt. Sinai, where by the giving of God's law they were constituted as a covenant nation. It narrates their eventful progress towards Canaan, and their drawing back in unbelief when they were at the very door of the promised land.

After the fulfilment of God's sentence to wander for forty years in the wilderness because of their unbelief, the chosen people must learn anew to trust in Jehovah as they seek to dispossess the inhabitants of the land of promise. Under the leadership of Joshua, and despite much stumbling, Israel learns to expect the victory from their covenant God and, finally, subdues and inherits Canaan.

There is a depth and a freshness to Prof. Hoeksema's exposition; even those most familiar with these portions of God's Word will learn a great deal. Do you reckon that Moses' holding up his hands in the battle with Amalek is a picture of prayer (Ex. 17)? Think again. What about Israel's incessant murmuring? What about the mixed multitude? The author also forcefully shows how Moses and Joshua were types of Christ, the perfect mediator.

"These very readable volumes are a veritable treasure store into which, when the believer dips, he will surely increase his spiritual wealth" (The Outlook).