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Unfolding Covenant History, Volume 5

Unfolding Covenant History (Volume 5)
by David J. Engelsma

Judges and Ruth

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An exposition of the Old Testament from a covenantal perspective. This is in an ongoing exposition: the first four volumes (covering Creation to the Conquest of Canaan) were authored by Prof. Homer C. Hoeksema. Volume 5 is authored by Prof. David J. Engelsma, who plans to writes volumes 6 and 7 as well.

This volume in the Unfolding Covenant History series continues an exposition of Old Testament history from the viewpoint of God’s covenant faithfulness toward his people begun by Prof. Homer Hoeksema. Prof. Engelsma intends (DV) to finish in this and succeeding volumes the history of God’s church in the old dispensation.

Part 1 dealing with Judges traces the dark history of the time of the judges with its recurring themes of Israel’s departure from Jehovah to serve heathen idols, God’s chastisement of his people by delivering them to the persecution and dominance of their enemies, their crying to him for help in their distress, and the Lord’s gracious deliverance of them by various judges.

Part 2 explains the familiar but amazing history of Ruth, which illustrates vividly the truth of God’s sovereign redemption in the salvation of the Gentiles and the inclusion of Ruth into the line of the covenant so that she becomes the grandmother of King David, the saviour of Israel as the theocratic king and a type of Christ.

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