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Whosoever Will

Whosoever Will
by Herman Hoeksema

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When a book stays in print for more than fifty years and is still in demand, it begins to fall into the category of a "classic." This book can also be read on-line.

How does the Calvinist preach a particular Christ for the "whomsoever will"?  In a series of messages originally broadcast on the Reformed Witness Hour, Herman Hoeksema examines that question.

Does God turn away sincere seekers after Him? Never! says Hoeksema: "Never will a man appear in the day of the revelation of the righteous judgment of God who will be able to say that he longed and desired and willed and sought earnestly to come, but was refused" (p. 6).

"Whosoever will may come", yet only those who are hungry for the Bread of Life will eat, since man's condition is such that "he is not merely incapable of longing for the Bread of Life; it is nauseating to him, and he turns from it in disgust" (p. 42).  Only those who are burdened by sin long for the Rest that Christ gives; only those who are thirsty for the Living Waters will come to Christ to drink; only those who are raised from spiritual death will believe; only those who are enlightened by the Holy Ghost will come to the Light of the World, for "every one that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light" (John 3:20). One sinner does not make himself to differ from another sinner. The truth of the Gospel is that God is gracious to one, while passing by another. Salvation is particular! Salvation does not depend on man!  

Hoeksema is not interested in getting superficial "decisions for Christ."  Christ must be proclaimed, explained, expounded and preached. The people must know Who Christ is, what He has done, and what it means to come to Him, otherwise "instead of the new birth, the emotions are aroused; a sentimental tear of self-pity is mistaken for true repentance; and a temporary elation of the soul is erroneously called joy in Christ" (p. 74).  For this reason Hoeksema writes several chapters explaining just who Christ is, why He came, what He did and what He demands of His followers.  No easy-believism here!

Salvation does not depend on man.  It cannot. "If it depends on the will of that man whether or not he will come to the fountains of living water and drink, he will never come. Nor will a veritable army of begging and hawking preachers persuade him to come" (p. 34), exclaims Hoeksema.

What of the man who will not come?: "If you do not thirst for the living Christ, it is only because you are blind and dead and naked and miserable; an enemy of God, hating righteousness though boasting of your goodness, loving the darkness rather than the light, and glorying in your shame" (p. 34).

But what of him who comes? "Boast not against the Christ of God as if you had the power to decide to come to Him whenever you please. Christ is the Lord. No one can come to Him unless the Father draw him!" (p. 34).

This is the antidote to the superficial and spiritually-deadly decisionism which plagues the churches in our day.

"This is an excellent book, and so much needed in this day of dishwater doctrine. It displays God on the throne, not man" (Christian Literature World).

"Whosoever Will is unbelievably brilliant! Wish I had read it much much earlier." - London

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