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Comments from Viewers of the TV Debate on
"The Passion of The Christ:"

Rev. Angus Stewart vs. Canon Walter Lewis on the BBC's Hearts and Minds


"I had some of my high school students watch the clip with me of your BBC discussion. They wanted to send you a quick note of appreciation for seeing someone stand boldly and clearly for the truth." - Chicago, USA

"I saw the debate on the Mel Gibson film online. Praise the Lord for your witness to the sovereignty of God in the redemption of His people against the universalism/Arminianism of the other speaker." - North Uist, Scotland

"I am thankful for your efforts to point out the sin of Gibson's movie … I appreciate your willingness to speak in defence of God's sovereign, effectual election in contrast to the universal love promoted by the church world." - Chicago, USA

"Did the 'Canon' actually have an argument?" - N. Ireland

"God be praised for your bold testimony before men!" - USA

"We are thankful you got the opportunity to witness to the doctrine of election." - N. Ireland

"I saw you on Hearts and Minds last night. We taped it … in Dublin. The Church of Ireland cleric [didn't even] quote one Bible verse! May God give you more opportunity to proclaim the truth through the media." - Republic of Ireland

"Well done with the TV show ... I try to stop people at that point and tell them that we must NOT see it in order to decide what we think but that we should let the commandments of God teach us what to think and therefore not see the film at all. You certainly were clear on the Reformed faith against the Canon's foolish universalist language which he used several times until you cleared the matter. I suppose the Roman Catholics will go and see it every week before confession and Mass and that will keep the box office going. Maybe the pope will turn it into another sacrament or issue an indulgence for viewers." - England

"Saw your interview on BBC's Hearts and Minds last evening. Well done! Good to see the Truth being upheld and Christ's cause being maintained." - N. Ireland

"I just [watched] the video clip of the TV show you appeared on last evening. It was very encouraging and it would be wonderful if debates like this one were more commonplace on TV in the Republic of Ireland! And, if there were true Reformed churches to attend." - Republic of Ireland

"I am glad to see that there are some people standing up for what they believe!" - USA

"I viewed [the TV interview] online … excellent-well done! … May God have all the glory." - Scotland

"Super job on the telly … You made the most of the brief spot and left the right message. May God be pleased to use it for the promotion and defence of the truth." - USA

"Thought I would drop a note to congratulate you on your performance on Hearts and Minds last night. It must have been unusual to have had a discussion … of particular atonement on it." - N. Ireland

"I watched the video clip of your interview concerning the 'Passion of Christ' film and I thought you did an excellent job of presenting the Reformed view of Scripture. Praise God for such an opportunity and for your willingness to set forth the truth of God's Word." - S. Dakota, USA

"All praise to Jehovah for his faithfulness in granting you utterance in your BBC interview." - Washington, USA

"The subtle battle that took place between yourself (speaking correctly of God's 'elect') and Mr. Lewis (speaking incorrectly of 'all mankind') was perhaps the most revealing aspect of the 'debate.'" - N. Ireland