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The Doctrine of Scripture  (Indonesian) (Italian) (Portuguese)

Is the Apocrypha Canonical?  (German) (Hungarian) (Indonesian) (Portuguese) (Russian)


Divine Perfections

God's Love  NEW!

God's Grace  NEW!

God's Mercy  NEW!

God's Longsuffering  NEW!

God's Longsuffering and Forbearance  NEW!

God’s Simplicity or Perfection  (Portuguese)  NEW!

God Above Time  NEW!

God Is Love!  (German) (Italian) (Portuguese)

The Unchangeable God  (Italian) (Portuguese)

Kept by God (and His Angels)!  (Tagalog)

Closing the Door on Open Theism



Calvin Versus Darwin: Anniversaries, Origins and Worldviews  (Indonesian)

Deconstructing Theistic Evolution  (Indonesian)

Questions for Theistic Evolutionists  (Hungarian) (Indonesian) (Portuguese) (Russian)



The Resurrection of a French Heresy: Joshua De La Place's Denial of the Immediate Imputation of Adam's Sin to his Posterity

The Image of God in Man: A Reformed Reassessment  (Portuguese)

Are Unbelievers in God's Image?  NEW!



Anselm's Cur Deus Homo and the Reformed Doctrine of the Atonement  NEW!

Fundamentalists and the "Incorruptible Blood" of Christ


Sovereign Grace

What Would It Take to Prove Election and Reprobation?  (Danish) (Filipino) (Indonesian) (Italian) (Portuguese) 

The Lambeth Articles (1595)  (Danish) (French) (Hungarian) (Indonesian) (Portuguese) (Spanish) (Tagalog)

The Arminian Heresy of Universal Atonement  (Afrikaans) (Danish) (Indonesian) (Portuguese) (Spanish)

All Means All and That Is All It Means! (German)  (Danish) (Indonesian) (Russian)

God is Love

A Critical Examination of the Amyraldian View of the Atonement

Amyraldianism and the Formula Consensus Helvetica (1675)

Saved by Grace  (Portuguese) (Russian) (Spanish)

Adoption: A Biblical and Theological Exposition of a Neglected Doctrine

Our Only Comfort  (Spanish)

II Timothy and the Importance of the Doctrines of Grace  NEW!

An Ode to Sovereign Grace

Supralapsarianism Preferable  (Indonesian) (Italian) (Portuguese) (Spanish)

What Does God Think of the World?  (Danish) (German) (Hungarian) (Indonesian) (Italian) (Portuguese)

Calvin on Justification: Considering the Judgment Day With Singular Delight  (short version)

Calvin on Justification: Considering the Judgment Day With Singular Delight  (long version)


Five Points of Calvinism

A Brief Outline of the Canons of Dordt, the Original Five Points of Calvinism  (Portuguese) (Spanish)

Total Depravity  (French) (German)

Unconditional Election  (French) (German)

Limited Atonement  (French) (German)

Irresistible Grace  (French) (German)

Perseverance of the Saints  (French) (German

A Tribute to the Canons of Dordt  NEW!


Regeneration & Faith

The New Birth  (Italian) (Portuguese)

''Born Again'' Documentary  (Portuguese) (Tagalog)

The Gift of Faith  (Afrikaans)  (Italian) (Portuguese) (Slovenian) (Ukrainian)

An Ode to Free Will! (or An Ode to Me!)


God's Effectual Saving Desire

Augustine Versus a Desire of God to Save the Reprobate  (Italian)

Calvin's Doctrine of the Call  (Hungarian)  NEW!

The Geneva Theses (1649): A Recently Uncovered Jewel  NEW!

A Definition of Gospel Preaching: Calvinistic or Arminian?

Psalm 69 Versus the Free Offer  (German) (Portuguese)

Does Psalm 81:11-13 Support the Well-Meant Offer Teaching?  NEW!

Does Matthew 22:1-14 Teach a General, Well-Meant Offer of Grace and Salvation on God's Part  (Portuguese) NEW!

Does Matthew 23:37 Teach the Well-Meant Offer?  (Hungarian)

Does Luke 19:41-44 Support the Well-Meant Offer?

God's Outstretched Arms (Rom. 10:21; Isa. 65:2)  NEW!

Does I Timothy 2:3-4 Teach a Desire of God to Save All Men Whoever Lived?  (Czech) (Hungarian)

Does II Peter 3:9 Teach That God Desires to Save Absolutely Everybody?  (Hungarian)

The Gospel: A Call—Not an Offer  (Portuguese)  NEW!

The Meaning of "Offero" and "Offer"  NEW!

The Scriptural Presentation of God's Hatred

Does God Love Everyone?  (Hiligaynon) (Hungarian) (German) (Portuguese)

The Salvation of the Rich Young Ruler  (Hungarian) (Italian)

Does God Really Desire to Save the Reprobate?  (German) (Indonesian) (Portuguese)

What Is Hyper-Calvinism?  NEW!

An Answer to Phil Johnson's "Primer on Hyper-Calvinism"  NEW!

A Double-Minded God Unstable in All His Ways  NEW!

Banned by the Evangelical Times!  NEW!

The O.P.C. and the Free Offer: A Critique of the Murray-Stonehouse Pamphlet 'The Free Offer of the Gospel'  NEW!

Universalism and the Reformed Churches

A Critique of the "Free Offer of the Gospel" as held by the Reformed Presbyterian Church in Ireland and Others

Calvinism Cast Out: The Reformed Presbyterian Church of Ireland and the Free Offer of the Gospel  NEW!

A Re-examination of the So-Called Well-Meant Offer of Salvation


Uncommon Grace

God’s Love  NEW!

The Meaning of Grace  NEW!

Common Grace  (Afrikaans) (Czech) (Hungarian) (Portuguese) (Tagalog)

Another Look at Common Grace  NEW!

Was Cain a Recipient of Common Grace?  (Afrikaans) (Hungarian) (Italian) (Portuguese)

Six Objections Against the Common Grace Interpretation of Genesis 6:18 and 9:8-17  NEW!

Is There Any Common Grace in II Samuel 7:15?  NEW!

Do I Kings 21:27-29 and Jonah 3:4-10 Teach That There Is a Temporal Blessing for All Men in the Preaching of the Gospel?  NEW!

Jehu and Common Grace (II Kings 10:30)?  NEW!

Jehoash, Amaziah and Common Grace (II Kings 12:2; II Chron. 25:2)?  NEW!

The Psalms Versus Common Grace

Does Psalm 145:9 Teach Common Grace?  (Afrikaans) (German) (Hungarian) (Italian) (Portuguese) (Spanish)

Does Isaiah 26:10 Teach Common Grace?  NEW!

Does Matthew 5:44-45 Teach Common Grace?  (Chinese) (Indonesian) (Italian) (Portuguese)

Does Acts 14:16-17 Teach Common Grace?  NEW!

No Common Grace in Romans 1  NEW!

Despising God's Goodness (Rom. 2:4-5)  NEW!

Does I Timothy 4:10 Support Common Grace?  NEW!

Is Denying Common Grace a Novelty?  (Italian) (Portuguese)

Common Bounty or Common Grace?  (Italian)

Confusion of Grace and Providence  NEW!

Providence and "Common Grace"  (German) (Hungarian) (Portuguese) (Spanish) NEW!

Providence and the Restraint of Sin  (Hungarian) (Portuguese)  NEW!

The Antithesis  (Portuguese) NEW!

Temporal Things in the Light of Eternity  NEW!

The Gospel or The Most Recent Attack Against the Truth of Sovereign Grace

Herman Hoeksema’s Critique of Cornelius Van Til’s Common Grace and the Gospel  NEW!



The Apostolicity of the Church  (Afrikaans) (Danish) (Italian) (Portuguese)

The Holiness of the Church  (Afrikaans) (German) (Italian) (Portuguese)

The Unity of the Church  (Afrikaans) (Italian) (Portuguese)

Biblical Church Unity

The Reformation and the Nature of the Church  (Hungarian)  NEW!

Apostasy in Protestant Churches  (Italian) (Portuguese)

The Lutheran World Federation, the World and Rome  NEW!

Feminism and Women in the Church

John Wesley and Methodist Apostasy  (Portuguese) (Spanish)

The Sunday Evening "Gospel Service''

Leaving the Word of God to Serve Parliamentary Tables

Harold Camping Refuted: The Necessity of Membership in the Church (Institute)  (Afrikaans)

Joining a True Church

Church Membership and Its Implications

The Sword: Advice for the Church Today  NEW!

The Confession of Your Church (Abraham Kuyper)  (Spanish)

The Importance of the Creeds for Christian Youth  (Indonesian) 

Reformed Catechism Classes: A Calling  (Danish) (Indonesian)

Lesson Outlines for the Essentials of Reformed Doctrine Class



Speaking Personally

Cast Thy Bread ... Upon the World Wide Web!

The Calling to Preach to All Nations


Church History

Was the Church Right to Condemn Montanism?  (Portuguese)

The Real Saint Patrick

The Church in Wycliffe's Day

Savonarola: "Prophetic" Preacher and Moral Reformer

Jacques Lefèvre d’Étaples: Pioneer of French Reform (short version)

Jacques Lefèvre d’Étaples: Pioneer of French Reform (long version)

Luther's The Bondage of the Will Versus Erasmus' On the Freedom of the Will

Calvin’s Institutes: A Comparison Between the 1536 and 1559 Editions

Calvin Versus Sadolet  (Spanish)

The Guanabara Confession of Faith  (Portuguese)

Bishop Hugh Latimer: Protestant Martyr

War and Peace in the Solas of the Heidelberg Catechism  (Indonesian)

The Irenic/Polemical Nature of the Heidelberg Catechism

The Notion of Preparatory Grace in the Puritans

The Westminster Confession and Church Unity

The Decline and Fall of New England Congregationalism

A Scottish Classic on Sanctification: James Fraser of Alness’s “Explication” of Romans 6:1-8:4 

The Life and Theology of D. L. Moody  (Indonesian)

A History of the Protestant Reformed Churches of America


Presbyterian Church in Ireland (PCI)

What is a True Presbyterian?  (Portuguese) (Spanish)

Is the Presbyterian Church in Ireland a Faithful Church?

Broad Church on Broad Way

The PCI's Strange Reformation Commemoration  NEW!

Presbyterian Moderator Invites Roman Primate of Ireland to the General Assembly

Former Presbyterian Moderator Ought to be Disciplined

Dr. Harry Uprichard and the PCI

PCI Moderator Airs Modernist Theology

PCI Moderator Betrays Confession at Westminster  (Spanish)

Women Office-bearers and the PCI (including Letters to the N. Ireland Press)  (Italian) (Portuguese)

The Presbyterian Church in Ireland and Sodomy

"I Don’t Consider Homosexuality to be a Sin"—PCI Minister

Church of Scotland Upholds Installation of Homosexual Minister  (Spanish)

Presbyterian Minister Teaching Dispensationalism

The Mel Gibson Film and the Presbyterian Church in Ireland


Roman Catholicism

Letter from Pope Pius XII to Adolf Hitler  (Portuguese)

Deformed Lutheranism and Unreformed Rome Commemorating the Reformation Together  NEW!

The Friendlier Face of Rome?  (Portuguese)

Is Pope John Paul II in Heaven?  (Filipino) (Portuguese)

The Rosary  (Hungarian) (Portuguese)


Rome's Geopolitical Goal

(1) Papal Absolutism  (Hungarian)

(2) Vatican II’s Declaration on Religious Freedom  (Hungarian)

(3) Rome’s Political Positions Today  (Hungarian)

(4) Rome’s Political Power Today  (Hungarian)

(5) Rome’s False Ecumenism with Eastern Orthodoxy and Anglicanism

(6) Rome’s False Ecumenism with Protestants

(7) Rome’s Ecumenical Methods with Protestants

(8) Rome’s Syncretism with Pagan Religions

(9) Rome’s Goal of World Dominion



Eight Facts Regarding Biblical Healings  (German) (Hungarian)

The Three Waves of Charismatic Christianity  (German) (Hungarian)

The Precursors of Modern Charismatic Christianity  (German) (Hungarian)

The Baptism With the Holy Spirit  (German)

Speaking in Tongues  (German)  NEW!

Ongoing Prophecy  (German) (Italian)  NEW!

Miracles  NEW!

The Word-Faith Movement: Worldly Wealthy but Spiritually Poor  (Russian)

Kenneth Copeland and the Gospel of His Own Making  (Spanish)

The Murky Waters of Living Rivers Church



The Meaning of Baptism   (Italian)

A Presbyterian View of Covenant Children (1)

A Presbyterian View of Covenant Children (2)

"... and Thy House:" God's Promise to Believers and Their Children  (Czech) (Italian) (Portuguese) (Spanish)

The Most Common Baptist Question   (Czech) (German) (Italian) (Portuguese) (Spanish)

Was Christ Immersed?   (German) (Portuguese) (Spanish)

Was the Ethiopian Eunuch Immersed?   (German) (Portuguese)

Were the Anabaptists Right on Immersionism?  NEW!



Singing the Canonical Psalms (1)  (Hungarian)  NEW!

Singing the Canonical Psalms (2)  (Hungarian)  NEW!

Singing the Canonical Psalms (3)  (Hungarian)  NEW!

Singing the Psalms in Public Worship  (Hungarian) (Russian) (Spanish) (Tagalog)

Scriptural Praise: The Case For Exclusive Psalmody  (Hungarian) (Russian) (Spanish)

A Special Exegesis of Ephesians 5:19 and Colossians 3:16

Psalms, Hymns and (Spiritual) Songs (Eph. 5:19; Col. 3:16): A Quick Survey  (Hungarian)

Why Psalms Only?

John Calvin on the Wonder of the Psalms  (Portuguese)

The Rage for the Psalter in France

The Scottish Metrical Version of the Psalms (1650)

Our Own Hymn Book Versus God's Own Hymn Book: A Critique of the Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster Hymnal

Horatio Spafford: Not Well With His Soul


Marriage and Divorce

11 Theses on Marriage, Divorce, Remarriage and Adultery  (Indonesian) (Portuguese) (Russian)

The Bond of Marriage Established by God is Unbreakable by Man  (Indonesian)

The Unbreakable Bond of Marriage  (Indonesian)

The Marriage of Camilla Parker-Bowles and Prince Charles  (Indonesian)

Remarriage and Matthew 19:9  (Indonesian) (Italian) (Portuguese)

The Westminster Confession and Remarriage  (Indonesian) (Russian)

William Gouge on Desertion  (Indonesian) 



The Bible and Homosexuality  (German) (Portuguese) (Sena) (Tagalog)

Who is to Blame for Homosexuality?  (Portuguese)

Does Scripture Exhort Christians to Violence Against Homosexuals?

Does the Bible Require the Death Penalty for Homosexuals?  (Portuguese)

A Sin Worse Than Sodomy  (Portuguese)

"Changing Attitude Ireland" Versus the Unchanging Word of Christ

Homosexual Church of Ireland Clergyman in Civil Partnership

Redefining Marriage  (Swedish)

Homosexuality and the Old Testament Ceremonial Laws

The Development of Sexual Sin in Society  NEW!

Redefining Humanity  (Hungarian)   NEW!

St. Patrick and Homosexuality   NEW!


Development of the Doctrine of the Covenant

The Covenant of Grace  (Italian) (Portuguese) (Spanish)

God’s Covenant Friendship

The Covenant with Adam—A Brief Historical Analysis  (Italian) (Portuguese)

(1) The Covenant and the Idea of Doctrinal Development

(2) The Early Church and its Foundational Dogmas

(3) Augustine and Sovereign Grace

(4) John of Damascus and the Perichoresis

(5) Anselm and the Necessity of the Atonement

(6) Heinrich Bullinger, the First Covenant Theologian

(7) John Calvin's Integrated Covenant Theology (1): The Unity of the Covenant

(8) John Calvin’s Integrated Covenant Theology (2): The Nature of the Covenant

(9) John Calvin’s Integrated Covenant Theology (3): The Blessings of the Covenant

The History of Reformed Covenant Theology: Conditional or Unconditional   NEW!



Lawful Oaths and Vows

Youth Worrying About Their Future  (Portuguese)

A Biblical Perspective on Modesty  (Spanish)

Loyalist Rioting

The Bible's Message to "Protestant" Rioters



September 11  (German)  (Portuguese)

The Tsunami in SE Asia—Divine Punishment?

Where Was God When the Tsunami Struck?



21 May, 2011—Beware of Camping's Date-Setting!

The Woman and the Dragon (Rev. 12)

The 1,000 Years of Revelation 20  (German)

Does the Bible Teach a Blessed Future for Israel?  (Burmese) (Italian)

What About Israel?

Preterist Gangrene: Its Diagnosis, Prognosis and Cure  (Portuguese)

Postmillennialism and the Remnant   NEW!

Five Texts on Christ’s Glorious Return

The Four Blood Moons   NEW!



Letters to a Young Believer

Letters to a Believer

Questions to Ask the Jehovah's Witnesses  (Hungarian) (Portuguese)

The Beginnings to Paul's Nine Letters to the Churches (After the Salutations)  (Italian)

Admittance to the Lord's Supper  NEW!


Reviews of Books Sold by the CPRC Bookstore

Sermons on Galatians (John Calvin)

Come Out From Among Them: Calvin's Anti-Nicodemite Writings (John Calvin)

The Reformed Faith of John Calvin (David J. Engelsma)

Bound to Join: Letters on Church Membership (David J. Engelsma)

Bound to Join: Letters on Church Membership (David J. Engelsma)  - second review

A Defense of the Church Institute: Response to the Critics of Bound to Join (David J. Engelsma)

Reformed Dogmatics (Herman Hoeksema)

Doctrine According to Godliness (Ronald Hanko)

Whosoever Will (Herman Hoeksema)

O Taste and See (Gerrit Vos)

Marriage, the Mystery of Christ and the Church (David J. Engelsma)

Unfolding Covenant History (vol. 5): Judges and Ruth (David J. Engelsma)

Upon This Rock (Don Doezema)

The Mysteries of the Kingdom, An Exposition of Jesus’ Parables (Herman Hanko)

The Mysteries of the Kingdom, An Exposition of Jesus’ Parables (Herman Hanko)  - second review

Behold He Cometh! (Herman Hoeksema)

The Momentous Event (W. J. Grier) 

The Covenant of God and the Children of Believers (David J. Engelsma)

The Covenant of God and the Children of Believers (David J. Engelsma)  - second review

Federal Vision: Heresy at the Root (David J. Engelsma)

Federal Vision: Heresy at the Root (David J. Engelsma)  - second review

Federal Vision: Heresy at the Root (David J. Engelsma)  - third review

Federal Vision: Heresy at the Root (David J. Engelsma)  - fourth review

Christianizing the World: Reformed Calling or Ecclesiastical Suicide? (David J. Engelsma)   NEW!

Keeping God's Covenant (David J. Engelsma & Herman Hanko)

The Sixteenth Century Reformation of the Church (David J. Engelsma, editor)


Reviews of Other Books

The Fathers of the Church: From Clement of Rome to Augustine of Hippo (Pope Benedict XVI)

The Theology of Augustine: An Introductory Guide to His Most Important Works (Matthew Levering)  NEW!

Reformed Confessions of the 16th and 17th Centuries in English Translation (James T. Dennison, Jr., ed.)  - short review NEW!

Reformed Confessions: Four Magnificent Volumes and a Recently Uncovered Jewel (James T. Dennison, Jr., ed.)  - long review

Calvin, Theologian and Reformer (Joel R. Beeke and Garry J. Williams, eds.)

Lady Jane Grey: Nine Day Queen of England (Faith Cook)

The Church's Book of Comfort (Willem van 't Spijker, ed.) 

A Sketch of the Christian's Catechism (William Ames)

A Westminster Divine and Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus (John Philips)

John Wesley, False Apostle of Free Will (Stephen Tomkins)  (Italian) (Portuguese)

Wesley and Murray Who Followed Him (Iain Murray)  (Italian)

The Atonement Controversy in Welsh Theological Literature & Debate 1707-1841 (Owen Thomas)

'An Iron Pillar:' The Life and Times of William Romaine (Tim Shenton)

Princeton Versus the New Divinity (authors in the Princeton Review)

Not the Answer on Israel in Prophecy (J. C. Ryle)

A Theological Analysis of G. C. Berkouwer's General Revelation  NEW

Opening Churches to Charismaticism: A Review of Joy Unspeakable by Martyn Lloyd-Jones  NEW

Prayer, Praise and Prophecy: A Theology of the Psalms (Geoffrey Grogan)

The Reading and Preaching of the Scriptures in the Worship of the Christian Church, vol. 1 (Hughes Oliphant Old)

The Reading and Preaching of the Scriptures in the Worship of the Christian Church, vol. 4 (Hughes Oliphant Old)

The Reading and Preaching of the Scriptures in the Worship of the Christian Church, vol. 5 (Hughes Oliphant Old)

The Reading and Preaching of the Scriptures in the Worship of the Christian Church, vol. 7 (Hughes Oliphant Old)


Devotional Sermons by Rev. Cornelius Hanko (1907-2005) on Romans 8

No Condemnation (Rom. 8:1)  (Hiligaynon) (Portuguese) (Spanish)

Liberated by the Spirit (Rom. 8:2)

Sin Condemned in the Flesh (Rom. 8:3) 

The Life-Giving Spirit (Rom. 8:11)

Living After the Spirit (Rom. 8:12-13)

Led by the Spirit (Rom. 8:14)  (Spanish)

The Spirit of Adoption (Rom. 8:15)  (Spanish)

The Hope of Creation (Rom. 8:19-23)

The Firstfruits of the Spirit (Rom. 8:23)

The Groaning Church Saved in Hope (Rom. 8:23-25)

The Sacrifice of God's Son (Rom. 8:32)

Christ Our Justification (Rom. 8:34)

More Than Conquerors (Rom. 8:37)  (Tagalog)


"The Passion of The Christ" (Mel Gibson Film)

Critique by Rev. Angus Stewart

Critique by Charles Terpstra  (Portuguese)

Critique by Rev. Rodney Kleyn

Critique by Rev. Peter Ratcliff

C. H. Spurgeon on Weeping for Jesus  (Portuguese)

Revealing Quotes from Advocates of Mel Gibson's "The Passion"

More on the Mel Gibson Film: A Response to Roman Priest Patrick McCafferty

The Mel Gibson Film and the Presbyterian Church in Ireland

Research Shows "Passion" Film's "Spiritual" Impact Falls Short

(Special resources page on "The Passion of the Christ," including a TV debate, a radio interview, sermons and more articles)