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Click the audio title to listen to the mp3 sermons (this should take only seconds) or "Download" to save them to your hard-drive, Ipod, etc. You can also download by clicking on the "Download" icon with your right mouse button and choosing "Save Target As." We recommend using Real Player as your default audio player.

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All the sermons on our audio pages are by Rev. Angus Stewart unless otherwise indicated. Almost all audios come with a Scripture text or a Lecture Report. Clicking on the various "Notes" may bring one to a related article or related quotes or information on a series of sermons or a short summary of the speech, etc. Usually, however, the "Notes" take one to the Lord's Day CPRC bulletin which includes the theme and divisions of the sermon and sometimes quotes in connection with the sermon, as well as other information. CPRC audio-visual debates and (more recent) sermons or lectures marked "YouTube" can also be watched on the offsite CPRC YouTube page.

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