Covenant Protestant Reformed Church
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Comments from Listeners to the Radio Interview on
 "The Passion of The Christ:"

Rev. Angus Stewart Interviewed by Rick Nugent of 96.7 FM


"I listened to your radio interview. Interesting. Very interesting. The interviewer had trouble seeing things from your point of view, but at least you had opportunity to get your voice out there. On some interesting tangents too, women in office, slavery, etc. He got his hat-trick!" - USA

"Nicely done. The poor interviewer could hardly stay on his seat, he was so astounded!" - USA

"I want you to know that we give thanks to our God for your fearless and bold witness against the movie, 'The Passion of the Christ.' I had listened to the audio interview (with Rick Nugent) again and again and I just can’t get enough of the comfort that it gives me. The witness you gave in that radio interview has really inspired me and moved me to really contemplate on how important it is to give witness and to be equipped in answering others about the hope we have. Thanks for the good example.  Thank you also for the other articles that you have included in your website. My wife and I read them all and they have given us a lot of insight on how to view this matter on a wider biblical perspective. And they equipped us better to witness to others as well." - Philippines