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Book Review - Doctrine According to Godliness


Doctrine According to Godliness
Ronald Hanko
Reformed Free Publishing Association, Michigan, USA, 2004
Hardback, xiii + 337pp.
ISBN 0-916206-84-X
£15.00 + £1.50 (P&P) = £16.50  (Click here to order from the CPRC Bookstore

This book meets a need. For many, doctrine is a confusing issue, which they may want to know more about, but they are intimidated by weighty volumes on "Systematic Theology." Others question the value of doctrine for the Church at all. Sadly, there is widespread ignorance about Christian teachings today in the Church as well as in the world. How many church-goers understand or could explain to others such fundamental teachings as the Trinity, Justification by Faith, or Regeneration (the new birth)? How can I answer the questions that the young people or children may have, without "talking over their heads?" Here is an attractive hardback book of less than 350 pages that could be placed in the hands of Christians of all ages and intellectual abilities.

Rev. Ron Hanko, who pastored a church in Ballymena, N. Ireland, for eight years until 2001, subscribes to the Heidelberg Catechism, the Belgic Confession and the Canons of Dordt, and his writings are therefore in accordance with these great Reformation creeds. This is the cream of historic Protestantism—the Reformed view of Scripture, of the Person and work of Christ, of the Church (its nature, government and sacraments) and the End Times, to name but a few of the some 200+ doctrinal points covered.

Probably the best aspect of this book is the simple and pastoral style in which the material is presented. Rev. Hanko limits himself to about one and a half pages for each doctrinal point in order to reach every member of the church, from the young and unlearned to the more seasoned theologians. Yet, there is no "dumbing down" or "watering" of the truth. Every doctrine is clearly explained and proved from Scripture, and the reader is shown how all the aspects of God's truth are interrelated. The book is indeed saturated with (KJV) Scripture quotations.

The author has managed to convey deep doctrine in a warm and attractive style, so that in learning doctrine the Christian will come more to love Christ who is at the heart of all sound doctrine.

Martyn McGeown