Covenant Protestant Reformed Church
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Covenant Protestant Reformed Church


Rev. Angus Stewart

Lord’s Day, 17 December, 2006


"That ye may with one mind and one mouth glorify God, even

the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ" (Romans 15:6)



Morning Service - 11:00 AM


Desiring God’s House

Psalm 84

I. The Longing

II. The Journey

III. The Prayer

Psalms: 84:1-6; 72:1-8; 27:1-5; 84:7-12


Evening Service - 6:00 PM

Saul, the King Israel Asked For (7)

Saul’s Unlawful Sacrifice

I Samuel 13

I. The Desperate Circumstances

II. The Disobedient King

III. The Degraded Israelites

Psalms: 98:1-8; 72:9-14; 27:9-14; 89:29-37

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Quote to Consider:

Calvin on Psalm 84:6: "There is, however, no doubt, that dry and barren deserts are here to be understood, in travelling through which, much difficulty and privation must be endured, particularly from the want of water; drink being of all other articles the most necessary to persons when travelling. David intended this as an argument to prove the steadfastness of the godly, whom the scarcity of water, which often discourages travellers from prosecuting their journey, will not hinder from hastening to seek God, though their way should be through sandy and arid vales. In these words, reproof is administered to the slothfulness of those who will not submit to any inconvenience for the sake of being benefited by the service of God. They indulge themselves in their own ease and pleasures, and allow nothing to interfere with these. They will, therefore, provided they are not required to make any exertion or sacrifice, readily profess themselves to be the servants of God; but they would not give a hair of their head, or make the smallest sacrifice, to obtain the liberty of hearing the gospel preached, and of enjoying the sacraments. This slothful spirit, as is evident from daily observation, keeps multitudes fast bound to their nests, so that they cannot bear to forego in any degree their own ease and convenience."

Announcements (subject to God’s will):

This morning we witness the baptisms of Stephen & Eunice Murray. We rejoice in their good confession and pray that the Lord will bless them in our midst.

A new address, telephone and e-mail list is on the back table. Please check to make sure your details are correct. If there are no corrections, place a tick beside your surname to indicate that you have read and confirmed your details. If you would like to add your mobile phone number or e-mail address, please do so.

Catechism: Monday, 5 PM at the Murrays, 7 PM with the Campbells at the manse.

Our Mid-Week Bible Study is Wednesday at 7:45 PM at the manse. We will deal with (IIIA) "We repudiate" in the "Declaration of Principles."

The Reformed Witness Hour next Lord’s Day, 24 Dec. (8:30-9:00 AM, on Gospel 846MW) is entitled "Born in a Manger" (Luke 2:6-7).

Upcoming Lecture: Friday, 12 Jan., in S. Wales, on "The Baptism of the Holy Spirit: Are the Pentecostals Right?"

Everyone is invited to the manse after the evening service on New Year’s Eve.

Rev. VanOverloop and Rev. Eriks plan to be here from Friday, 27 January, to Monday, 5 February. The congregational dinner will be Friday, 2 February.

Last Week’s Offerings: General Fund - £766.16. Donations: £20 (CR News), £27 (Building Fund).

PRC News: Doon PRC has formed a new trio for missionary to the Philippines consisting of Revs. Dick (Grace), R. Kleyn (Trinity), and Laning (Hope).