Covenant Protestant Reformed Church
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Covenant Protestant Reformed Church



Rev. Angus Stewart

Lord’s Day, 15 January, 2012


"Those that be planted in the house of the Lord

shall flourish in the courts of our God" (Ps. 92:13)


Morning Service - 11:00 AM

"Good Works" Versus Justification by Faith Alone   [download]   [youtube]

Scripture Reading: Romans 10

Text: Heidelberg Catechism, Lord’s Day 24

I. Aren’t Good Works Included in Justification?

II. Don’t Good Works Merit Justification?

III. Doesn’t Justification Make Men Careless of Good Works?

Psalms: 84:1-6; 119:49-56; 51:1-7; 143:1-5


Evening Service - 6:00 PM

Born Again  [download]   [youtube]

Scripture Reading: I Peter 1:1-2:3

Text: I Peter 1:22-25

I. Out of an Incorruptible Seed

II. By the Word of God

III. To Love One Another

Psalms: 96:1-7; 119:57-64; 19:7-11; 87:1-7


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If you desire a pastoral visit, please contact Rev. Stewart


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Quote to Consider:

Belgic Confession 24. Of Man’s Sanctification and Good Works: "We believe that this true faith being wrought in man by the hearing of the Word of God, and the operation of the Holy Ghost, doth regenerate and make him a new man, causing him to live a new life, and freeing him from the bondage of sin. Therefore it is so far from being true, that this justifying faith makes men remiss in a pious and holy life, that on the contrary without it they would never do anything out of love to God, but only out of self-love or fear of damnation ..."

Announcements (subject to God’s will)

Back table: Rev. Stewart’s bi-monthly letter to the PRC is available today.

The council would like to encourage everyone to vacate the sanctuary after the services and fellowship with the saints in the narthex or Bible study room.

Standard Bearer subscriptions (£16.20) are due. Please either pay the RFPA directly by credit card or pay Rev. Stewart. New subscribers are welcome!

Sunday Catechism: 10 AM - O.T. Juniors

Monday Catechism: 6 PM - O.T. Beginners (Alex & Nathan) 6:45 PM - O.T. Juniors (Jacob & Joseph) 7:30 PM - Heidelberg (Timothy, Zoe, Amy & Lea)

Our Tuesday morning Bible study meets at 11 AM on Revelation 17:12-18: Will there be a revived Roman empire in Europe?

Belgic Confession Class meets Wednesday at 7:45 PM. Continuing Article 12, we will consider the devil’s attack on the church.

The Ladies’ Discussion Group will continue their study of the book Lies Women Believe, meeting this Friday, 20 January, at 10 am to discuss chapter 6, part 2.

The church visitors, Rev. Bill Langerak and Elder Sid Miedema, arrive this Friday. A tentative schedule for them is on the back of the bulletin. If you would like to visit with them, a sign-up sheet is on the back table, or talk to Rev. or Mary Stewart.

The Reformed Witness Hour broadcast next Lord’s Day (Gospel 846MW at 8:30 AM) will be "The Homecoming of Naomi" (Ruth 1:19-22) by Rev. R. Kleyn.

Everyone is welcome to stay for tea and fellowship with the church visitors after the evening service next week.

On Wednesday, 25 January, Rev. Bill Langerak will give a lecture here entitled, "The Bible’s Identification of the Antichrist." Plan to attend and invite friends.

Reserve Friday, 27 January, for our congregational dinner at the Adair Arms. A sign-up sheet is available on the back table.

Offerings: General Fund: £630.17. Donations: £250, £1,000 (DVDs).

PRC News: Rev. Haak declined the call to Hope PRC.