Covenant Protestant Reformed Church
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Covenant Protestant Reformed Church


Rev. Angus Stewart

Lord’s Day, 12 November, 2006


"That ye may with one mind and one mouth glorify God, even

the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ" (Romans 15:6)


Morning Service - 11:00 AM

Saul, the King Israel Asked For (3)

Saul is Anointed King Privately

I Samuel 9:25-10:16

I. The Event in the City

II. The Signs on the Way

III. The Conversation Back Home

Psalms: 113:1-9; 68:31-38; 45:1-7; 2:6-12


Evening Service - 6:00 PM

Thou Shalt Not Kill

Heidelberg Catechism, Lord’s Day 40; I John 3

I. The Prohibition

II. The Requirements

III. The Blessings

Psalms: 125:1-5; 69:1-6; 10:7-12; 16:1-7

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Quotes to Consider:

C. F. Keil on I Samuel 10:1: "Anointing with oil was a symbol of endowment with the Spirit of God; as the oil itself, by virtue of the strength which it gives to the vital spirits, was a symbol of the Spirit of God as the principle of divine and spiritual power (see Lev. 8:12). Hitherto there had been no other anointing among the people of God than that of the priests and sanctuary (Ex. 30:23ff.; Lev. 8:10ff.). When Saul, therefore, was consecrated as king by anointing, the monarchy was inaugurated as a divine institution, standing on a par with the priesthood; through which henceforth the Lord would also bestow upon His people the gifts of His Spirit for the building up of His kingdom."

Announcements (subject to God’s will):

The November Covenant Reformed News is on the back table. Many of these CR News have already been posted, but there are two bags (one of 166 and the other of 96) that still need to be done.

Douglas Stewart appeared before the Council this past week. He gave a good confession of his saving faith in Jesus Christ, his knowledge of and agreement with the doctrines taught in this church, and his desire to live a godly life. With joy and gratitude to God, the Council approved his confession and scheduled his public confession for Sunday, Nov. 26, if there are no lawful objections.

Catechism: Monday, 7 PM with the Campbells at the manse. Tuesday, 7 PM at the Murrays. Thursday, 7 PM at the Hamills.

Rev. Stewart will speak at the assembly of Harryville Primary School on Wednesday morning.

Our Mid-Week Bible Study is Wednesday at 7:45 PM at the manse.

Rev. & Mary Stewart plan to travel to S. Wales this week Friday where Rev. Stewart will give a lecture on "God’s Unconditional Covenant." Please remember this in your prayers.

The Reformed Witness Hour next Lord’s Day, 19 Nov. (8:30-9:00 AM, on Gospel 846MW) is entitled "The Great Thanksgiving" (Eph. 1:3).

Upcoming Lectures: Tuesday, 12 Dec., Limerick, "The Baptism of the Holy Spirit: Are the Pentecostals Right?" Friday, 12 Jan., S. Wales, "The Baptism of the Holy Spirit: Are the Pentecostals Right?"

Last Week’s Offerings: General Fund - £391.01. Building Fund - £364.10. Donations: £20 (CR News), £30 (CR News).

PRC News: Trinity PRC now broadcasts the audio of its services live on the internet (9:30 AM & 6 PM US Eastern Standard Time or 2:30 PM & 11 PM in the UK) at