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Covenant Protestant Reformed Church



Rev. Angus Stewart

Lord’s Day, 30 November, 2008


"Happy is he that hath the God of Jacob for his help,

whose hope is in the Lord his God" (Ps. 146:5)



Morning Service - 11:00 AM

The Holy Spirit in Ephesians (3)

The Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation    [download]

Ephesians 1:17

I. The Meaning

II. The Hope

III. The Power

Psalms: 84:1-6; 3:1-8; 143:5-11; 119:33-40


Evening Service - 6:00 PM

Thy Will Be Done Among the Nations!    [download]

Heidelberg Catechism, Lord’s Day 49; Psalm 67

I. Where It Starts

II. How It Begins

III. How It Manifests Itself

Psalms: 98:1-8; 4:1-8; 96:8-13; 67:1-7


Contact Sean Courtney ( for CDs of the sermons.

CPRC website:

Quote to Consider:

John Calvin on Ephesians 1:17: "Till the Lord opens them, the eyes of our heart are blind. Till the Spirit has become our instructor, all that we know is folly and ignorance. Till the Spirit of God has made it known to us by a secret revelation, the knowledge of our Divine calling exceeds the capacity of our own minds."

Announcements (subject to God’s will):

We express our sympathy to the Buchanan family in the loss of Beth’s maternal grandmother this past Tuesday. The funeral was held on Friday in Wisconsin. We pray that the Lord will uphold and comfort them during this time.

Beginning today, the Limerick Reformed Fellowship is having 2 meetings each Lord’s Day at 11 AM & 7 PM.

Please pay Standard Bearer subscriptions (£17) to the RFPA or Rev. Stewart.

Catechism: Tuesday, 4:30 PM - Jacob Buchanan

Tuesday, 5:30 PM - Jamie & Debbie Murray

Tuesday, 7 PM - Campbells at the manse

Thursday, 11 AM - Beginners OT Class at the manse

Midweek Bible Study meets this Wednesday, 7:45 PM at the manse. We will study I Peter 1:10-12 on the OT prophets searching their own prophecies.

The Council meets this Thursday, 7:30 PM at the manse.

On Friday, Rev. & Mary Stewart travel to Limerick where Rev. Stewart will give a lecture on "The Reformation’s Teaching on the Church." Please remember these saints and this witness in your prayers.

The Reformed Witness Hour next Lord’s Day (8:30-9:00 AM, on Gospel 846MW), is "The Gift of Emmanuel" (Matthew 1:18-25).

Next Lord’s Day morning our monthly Building Fund offering will be taken.

Next Lord’s Day evening we will have preparatory with a view to partaking of the Lord’s Supper on 14 December.

Ladies’ Bible Study meets next Tuesday, 9 December, 10:15 AM at the Murrays.

Offerings: General Fund - £427.86. Donation: £20.90 (Building Fund).

Upcoming Lectures: S. Wales, Fri., 12 Dec., 7:15 PM, "The Reformation’s Teaching on the Church"

Limerick, Thurs., 8 Jan., 7:30 PM - Prof. Gritters "Music’s Indispensable Place in (the) Reformation"

Portadown, Fri., 20 Feb., 8 PM - Lecture on John Calvin

Website Additions: 1 Spanish and 2 Italian translations were added.

PRC News: Rev. R. Kleyn (Trinity, MI) declined the call to Calvary PRC (Hull, IA). Rev. Bruinsma (Pittsburgh, PA) is considering the call to the Philippines.

Encouraging Quotes:

"It was good to hear sound doctrine on Revelation TV when much is Arminian and prosperity teaching. Could it be you ‘almost persuaded’ the presenter you were right? May the Lord bless you." - Lancashire, England

"Thank you for the Covenant Reformed News ... It enlightened us more that the rock that the Apostle Peter confessed was his Saviour and Lord who is the head and king of the church and the master builder of His church. May God continue to bless the ministry God has entrusted to you." - Philippines

"[The Calvinism/Arminianism debate] was a really fun debate. The moderator was ... clearly biased. You ... took everything in stride." - USA

"Thanks for the CR News ... Well done on the debate with the Arminian. May the Lord bless your labours with much fruit therein to His praise and glory. Listening to the calls and e-mails, it is quite remarkable how much ignorance prevails over basic biblical truths. It’s great that you are fighting the good fight." - Scotland

"I’m really grateful for your support. Everything you send me will be a great help for my studies and work as pastor (DV). I’m learning a lot with the books, articles and pamphlets that I have read from your website." - Brazil

"Just wanted to e-mail you to say how good the debate was. It surely was the Lord’s enabling ... Wonderful that you are willing to travel to London for the cause of the Gospel of truth. No hyper-Calvinism here (whatever this derogatory term may mean)!! Hopefully you have been the means whereby the Lord will draw His elect out of Arminian/charismatic heresy amongst those who listened to the debate and others who will yet come and see ... Sadly, of course, so very few will come out of their false churches; indeed where have they to go?" - England

"Thank you for the Calvinism/Arminianism debate. It was very interesting. I was encouraged by it and have shown this DVD to my church who were also encouraged ... I am also preaching from Matthew 16:18 ... I found your e-mail [of the C.R. News on this text] at just the right time. I want to use this material also for reference." - India

"Thanks for the Standard Bearer. It is the magazine I would least like to give up." - N. Wales

"We watched your latest debate on YouTube. As last time, there was a clear bias against you as the presenter wasn’t neutral. Nevertheless, we felt the Lord really helped you and were encouraged ourselves. Most churches where we live are Arminian, in fact all of them are!" - Lincolnshire, England

"I received the book [The Five Points of Calvinism] and DVD today ... I’ve already listened to the debate on Calvinism vs. Arminianism, and want to thank you for your passionate defence of the truth of the sovereign Gospel. I just realised once again that these two teachings differ radically, and will determine how you read Scripture and how you view God. I also realised why Arminianism is so popular, and Calvinism is so hated, because the first flatters and praises sinful wicked man and the latter condemns and calls sinful wicked men to wholehearted repentance before a holy righteous loving God. Thank you once again for your brave ministry and keep up the good fight in our Lord Jesus Christ." - S. Africa

"I listened to part of your debate with Ramsey and thought you were very well prepared and was glad to hear a clear presentation in your debate." - California, USA

"Watched the debate on Calvinism vs. Arminianism. How enlightening the attitude of the chairman! Being unable to argue with the position of Scripture, he resorts to the position that you are too rational and not spiritual enough in your approach. People always want to find a way of escaping the clear teaching of Scripture and build a salvation in their own integrity. Thanks for giving a clear presentation of scriptural truth." - S. Wales

"I already received your complementary DVD of the Calvinism vs. Arminianism debate. I very much appreciate your kindness ... I wasn’t surprised that most of the questions hurled at you came from the opposite camp. The only and true gospel of God’s grace is not popular. No matter how mild-mannered you were, most of the viewers were offended. Indeed, the cross of Christ is an offence. It was unfair of those people to accuse you (and Calvinism) of being too intellectual. They have confused faithful exegesis and intelligent exposition of the Scriptures with cold intellectualism. Knowing that the debate was edifying, my little congregation plans to watch the DVD on one of our Sunday afternoons as we did with the Charismatic debate. May the Sovereign Lord prosper the CPRC’s witness and labours for the cause of the Lord Jesus Christ." - Philippines

"Good [C. R. News] about Christ’s promise that He will build our church by preaching and church discipline! Thanks." - Croatia